Holy Spirit has been speaking to me of BRIDAL DEVOTION

Holy Spirit has been speaking to me of BRIDAL DEVOTION – I saw in this image of a woman dancing with VAILS before the Lord and recently saw it being applied to the 9 fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) – with each VAIL being a working in and intertwining of His inner needlework of beauty into the heart of the Bride – it is interesting that scripture says that a woman should have her head covered when she prays because of her glory.
Matthew 27:51 says at that moment the CURTAIN (VAIL) of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom – the earth shook, the rocks split – so too when we become believers and start to move in BRIDAL DEVOTION – that secret, sacred place of intimacy with the Lord – a VAIL is symbolic of devotion and submission – a covering of the Lord over His Bride – protecting us with a choreographed sequence of reverence and adoration to our King – not only to an ordinary king but in BRIDAL DEVOTION to the King of all Kings – let all that is within us give praise to the one who sits upon the throne.
· LOVE – the 1st VAIL is love – for love covers a multitude of sins and His perfect love for her casts out all fear – she now approaches Him without reproach covered in the blood secured for her on Calvary now able to approach her God with total abandonment in her heart.
· Joy – will be the 2nd VAIL of the covering of the Lord around her – His strength in her – the joy of the Lord for her will be her strength in her as He takes her on a journey of knowing His heart more deeply – a joy unspeakable and full of glory.
· Peace – this is the 3rd VAIL that presents itself into a holy place of peace within her where she is able to discern when His presence is present and when it is not.
· Patience – being the 4th VAIL is a learnt trait of learning to wait for His best in all things – sitting by the sea shore – awaiting to her His voice on a distant shore calling her – a lifetime of cast upon the shore of hoping, yet hope will not be deferred for when the treasure of His presence is in the room she is complete – all lesser things make room for she has found that her wait is worth the weight of gold that cannot be bought or sold for any price – she is awaiting the soon coming King – in her waiting she is/has possessed her soul.
· Kindness – this being the 5th VAIL speaks of grace – and with this virtue she brings pleasure to the King – instilling in His bride the law of kindness on her lips – in her walk – she will carry others along her journey – caring and sharing as Holy Spirit speaks and leads.
· Goodness – this 6th VAIL speaks of His blessings and abundance of pleasures at His right hand – pleasures forever more – for she has and will continue to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living all the days of Her life and she will dwell forever in the house of the Lord.
· Faithfulness – 7th VAIL shows the Bride in the book of revelations as one being called, chosen and found faithful as the book of all books unfold in her time – when He comes to take her home – until that time she will be faithful in her heart and live circumspect fully.
· Gentleness – this 8th VAIL speaks to me of a gentle spirit that speaks of protection under His wings – in her meekness and humility she knows that her importance is only through knowing HIM – her skill sets/gifts/callings are all for His glory – He is the great I AM – in and through this she has confidence to speak the truth in a loving manner – yet not so easy when assertiveness is required.
· Self – control – this 9th VAIL reveals discipline restrained and love applied ready to be obedience when obedience is called for in any circumstances surrounding her walk – when He says walk she will walk – when He says stop she will – she will hear that still small voice calling her – directing her – what He wills will always come to pass – for He always wins in the end – the book of revelations shows us that.
Against such there is no law that can bring a charge – He is our all consuming ONE. †