How To Face The Last Days Without Fear! – Derek Prince HD


The Bible speaks often about ‘The Last Days’. Jesus says ‘perilous times will come’. Terrible things will happen. These things might frighten us. Yet as Christians we do not need to fear them. In this sermon, Bible teacher Derek Prince shares how we can face those days without fear. Something very relevant in this time, with the coronavirus outbreak.


0:00 Introduction

11:11 The Heavenly Picture Of The Risen Jesus

17:22 What Does Jesus Say To The Churches In Revelation?

26:13 Let’s Put Our Problems In The Perspective Of God’s Throne Room

29:53 What Do We Learn From The Lion Of Judah?

41:17 Who And What Are The 4 Horsemen From The Book Of Revelation

49:37 What Is The Aim Of Your Life?

57:03 Who Are 144.000?