Instructions Re-Imminent Asteroid Judgment

ATTN: WORLD: Instructions Re-Imminent Asteroid Judgment by Prophet Efrain Rodriguez

Prophet Efraín Rodríguez announced in his last presentation in Texas, on June 6th and 7th, 2014, that this trial would take place WITHIN a period of 7 months. He did not mean “in” 7 months exactly. The key phrase is “within a period”. This means that it could happen this very evening, tomorrow, the coming week or two, in a month, in 3 months or, at most, in 7 months.

God said this is irrevocable, and the main purpose is for people, including Christians, to RETURN TO GOD.

WE HAVE TO PREPARE OURSELVES NOW, as if it were to happen tonight. The primary preparation has to be spiritual, coming to the feet of the Lord Jesus in repentance and re-dedicating our lives to serve Jesus as our only hope of salvation. Everything else, while important, is secondary.

Here are links for the original video on the prophecy and the one given last June 6, 2014:……