Jesus Response about Prophet Efrain Rodriguez


Jesus Response about Prophet Efrain Rodriguez regarding Asteroid/Tsunami – Sister Karla

Sister Karla got a response from Lord Jesus Christ about Prophet Efrain Rodriguez. This is from blogtalk radio show on 8/26/2014. I know so many Christians criticize Prophet Efrain Rodriguez. Asteroid impact, Earthquake, Darkening sun (3 days of darkness) is all the part of sixth seal events. It will happen during the blood moons times. We all know that blood moons is in 2014 and 2015. You may not listen to him but you have to pay attention of the Bible verse in Rev 6:12.
Big earthquake, falling asteroid, event of darkening sun will happen during the blood moons. Next 4 blood moons during the Bible feasts is 568 years later. I believe something is coming in this year or next year. After these events, Jesus is coming for the rapture of the church. Prepare the way of the coming Messiah! Time is short!

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