A Little Prayer Book


This is a book of prayers formed and accumulated over the years by many people in multiple contexts. Since I am unable to determine where all of these prayers came from I will not apply credit to any particular individuals, except for what is offered in the acknowledgements section. Instead, I will give credit to the followers of The Way. Early Christians were referred to as followers of The Way, and were only later known as Christians. As you may know, the Way is Christ— the Messiah and Lord and Teacher for the people, who remains with us to this day in the Spirit.

As you begin to consider implementing these prayers into your life and practice I would like to offer a few comments. First, know that God is the most important consideration. He is the power    behind the prayers and the purpose for which we pray. As much as you are able, keep your eyes focused on him and seek his presence while engaged in these prayers. You will always be able to know that God is with you either by faith or experience.  Either way, let him be the one you fix the inner eyes of the heart on as you enter into the holy of holies of his presence.

In this way, as much as you focus on sin or wounds or the action of the prayer, you will be led astray. When you focus on the behavior of sin it becomes ever-­‐present. You do not gain victory over anything by focusing on it. You switch your attention to the very thing that you desire, that God in his will is able to release. You overcome the struggles of the Christian life by setting your gaze on God and his holiness and his provision, not you and your imperfections and what you can do. If you rely too heavily on the prayer then the prayer becomes more important than God.

It would also prove beneficial to know you are not praying with your mind exclusively or only. As Paul wrote in Ephesians chapter six we are to pray in the spirit for all the saints. Praying in the spirit, or Spirit, is not mental, it is spirited, spiritual. This version of prayer is deeply spiritual from a sacred space within you, not from the mental machinations of cognition. So, get out of your head
and into your heart.

As you pray these prayers, pray in reference to the spirit of the words in each prayer, not just the words. You may pray by reading through the prayers word by word, but if the Lord prompts you to digress into a spirited prayer led by him, please do so. Many pray best when engaged in a task as the Lord speaks to the heart, revealing what to pray without any script. As you do this, take your time, don’t rush through but linger in the prayer as the effect is applied deeply in you.

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