Do Not Hesitate Message 381 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on 31 Dec 2016


Do Not Hesitate Message 381

My Children, now is a time of great awakening, revival, anointing and out pouring of My Holy Spirit.

Now you are being infused like never before, and yes the blessings I Am bestowing on you are new to you, but are truly of Me.

You will hear Me lead you to do things, like calling people and telling them of what you have been receiving.

Like sharing the messages I lead you to with others, etc.

If you know Me, you will feel Me, and know it is I that is leading you.

Do not hesitate, do not delay carrying out My Will as there is very little time.

There are many that are feeling Me, realizing that they are being transformed, as I Am transforming all that are mine right now.

Some however, are not sure of this new anointing and are shying away from Me and My lead.

My Children, I love you, and want you all to grow to the fullest. I want none of you to put a limit on the blessing I have for you.

My Children, the old ways of the church are not going to bring you into your full inhabitance; it is only through My Holy Spirit and anointing that this will happen.

I want you to go higher, and grow stronger every moment as soon the time to leave will come, and it is not long now.

Do not let your own mind make you hesitate or limit Me.

There is no limit to My power, Holy Spirit or My anointing on you.

Right now you are all in a place of protection and I Am working miracles in you and through you all.

Rejoice, My Children, as truly the day of your King is here.

Soon this time will be over and it is on to the next phase, so drink it all in, do not be shy, take it all in.

I love you and soon will have you with Me.

Do not worry, do not be distressed over anyone or anything as I Am in control and I will protect and take all of you through.


Well it is time. Keep a good hold on Him as He has on you. God bless you and Happy New Year.