PDF: A Divine Revelation of Heaven by Mary Baxter


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Extract from the book


For this purpose you were born
To write and tell
What I have shown and told you,
For these things are faithful and true.
Your call is to let the world know
That there is a heaven, and there is a hell,
and that I, Jesus, was sent by the Father
So save them from torment
And to prepare them a place in heaven.


Inside the Gates

God, in His infinite mercy and grace, permitted me to go to that beautiful place called heaven. The logistics of my
trip to His home and back to earth are unclear to me, but I cannot be mistaken about the reality of it.

How were the incomparable wonders of heaven revealed to a mere mortal like me? Let me start at the beginning.
One night the Lord appeared to me and told me I was chosen for a special assignment. He said, “My child, I will
manifest Myself to you to bring people out of darkness into light. I have chosen you for a purpose: you are to write
and make a record of the things that I will show and tell you.”

I submitted myself to God completely, and astounding things began to happen. I was taken from where I was at the
time and transported into hell itself. I was aware of all five of my senses: I could see, feel, hear, smell, and taste.
Yet, this was a supernatural happening. I realized that the impact it made on me was for a purpose.

For days after I was taken by the Lord into hell, I was very grieved in my heart. My heart was sad and burdened
because of the horrors I saw. I had viewed the judgment of God on sin and on the people who had gone to hell. I
prayed earnestly to God and sought His comfort.

On the thirty-first night after these events began, the power of Almighty God fell on me again. At two o’clock in
the morning, a mighty angel stood beside my bed. Jesus Christ was standing behind the angel. As I looked on the
face of the Lord standing there, He smiled at me, but He did not say anything.

The mighty messenger of God said, “God has given me a special mission. I am sent here to take you to heaven and
to show you parts of it.”

After a moment, he spoke again, “Come and see the glory of God!”

At once, I was supernaturally transported from my home and found myself standing out side one of the gates of
heaven with the heavenly angel.

The overwhelming beauty of what I saw around me was breathtaking! The clothing the heavenly being wore
looked like a brilliant garment of light. The angel had triangular-shaped wings that glistened with the colors of the
rain bow. Although I wasn’t surprised, I was amazed at the indescribable beauty of God that was evident all

The next thing I knew, the angel repeated an exclamation that I would hear many times:
“Behold, the glory of God!”

The magnificent gate that stood before me in splendor was made of a solid pearl. In awe I took in everything I
could of this most beautiful sight. At this point, I could not see the Lord anywhere, but I was totally enraptured by
the glory of heaven.


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