PDF: Breaking The Curse of Alcoholism by Amanda Buys


Breaking The Curse of Alcoholism

by Amanda Buys

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Extract from the book :

Not too many years ago one use to hear frequently the comment, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” Recognizing that refraining from drinking didn’t change the alcoholic personality. Today, many people suffer from the ravages of alcohol without even suspecting where it’s coming from. The reason alcohol problems live past the usage of it is that evil spirits have come in, and they do not leave simply because one quits drinking. You or your ancestors involvement in the use of drugs or alcohol opens the door for the demons to come in. Once the demons are in, they don’t really care if you drink anymore or not. The door has been opened and they’ve seized the opportunity to take up residency in their new home.

Many have thought, “I’ve been dry for years, I don’t have any alcohol problems.” That would be nice, however the problems of alcohol go much deeper than just drinking. Hence the adage of “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.” In fact, when you go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting each of the members say, “I’m a recovering alcoholic.” A required statement of the members of an “AA” group. Sadly, the statement is very true because even though the drinking may have stopped, the way they think, act, and treat their family, handle their job, or finances still give the loud testimony that they are “still alcoholics.”

If you or someone you know is an Alcoholic After Sobriety, or manifest any of the symptoms mentioned in this booklet, deliverance from evil spirits can change a life. Lifelong bondage and torment from alcohol and drugs can be ended. (For where the spirit of Christ is, there is Liberty) With deliverance and healing you can someday say, “I’m not an alcoholic anymore.” Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.)

Yes even after you stop drinking there are undoubtedly still alcoholic patterns lurking under the cloak of alleged sobriety. Alcoholic Patterns are the personalities of demons that cause you to think like an alcoholic, act like an alcoholic, spend money like an alcoholic, treat your spouse and kids like an alcoholic, drive your car like an alcoholic, and even work like an alcoholic. These spirits manifest with certain patterns in your life and the lives of your descendants until dealt with in deliverance.

Alcohol spirits are of the family line of Destruction. If you were to say what type of species an alcohol demon was, it would be Destruction. It works slow in the life of a person like cancer. It can cause problems for a long time, and once the problems grow to where they are noticeable, the effects are most often fatal. Even if you quit drinking, the spirits have already gained entrance. Slowly working away, destroying cell after cell, just like cancer. The destruction grows and grows until you come to the end of your life and find you have no family left, no mind left, no health left, and no finances. This is how these spirits work, and this should show the importance of getting them out of your life early.

I don’t know of a family that hasn’t been touched by alcohol spirits. We have even cast these spirits out of people that have never drank. The key is that they came from an alcoholic family. It may have been the parent or the grandparent that was an alcoholic. Studies have shown that children with alcoholic parents are 40% more likely to become alcoholics than children whose parents were not alcoholics. An interesting note on the study also showed that adopted children, whose natural parents were alcoholics, (even though they were raised in good home by non-drinking families) still showed the exact same percentage of alcoholism as the children who actually lived with alcoholic.

Years of deliverance and counselling experience, have taught us that the spirits of alcoholic destruction at the root of most major problems, second maybe only to witchcraft. They touch every thing from health issues, mental problems, (Attention Deficit and behaviour issues), marital and family relationships, and finances. If you are seeking help in any of these areas, don’t overlook the highly probable root cause or influence of alcoholic patterns.

Science used this fact to prove that alcoholism is “genetic”. Deliverance has shown that these spirits travel down the family line. The drinking of alcohol is what opens the door for these spirits to enter and operate for generations. Deliverance will stop this demonic cycle and bring about liberty to our future generations. Most who have taken on the battle with these spirits have encountered a fierce and stubborn enemy, highly determined to keep the generational ground they’ve held. You will have to be more determined and desirous of reclaiming the ground to obtain lasting freedom.

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