PDF: Encounter with Jesus Christ, End of Time Warnings – Regina Clarinda

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011. At 10 am.
I had just begun my daily quiet time with God, when something happened.
All of a sudden my room became so bright. A dazzling white light appeared out of nowhere
in the middle of the room.
The light became brighter and brighter.
A few seconds later, it became so bright and blinding that I had to close my eyes and cover
my face with my hands.
“Be not afraid, My daughter.”
A voice was heard. Straight away I knew it was Jesus’ voice.
The fire of God fell upon me. The anointing was so strong that my body started shaking all over.
I fell prostrate before the Lord. Tears were streaming down my face. Suddenly I felt so
unworthy. I felt so unworthy in His presence.
“Fear not My daughter, I love you so.” His voice was heard again. “I have chosen you to
deliver My messages to My people around the world.”
“I will see you again in seven days from today,” He said again; “I will bring you with Me
and show you many things that have never been shown before, things that have never been
revealed to the world. I will reveal many things including the things that will occur in the darkest
days of mankind.”
“A day will not be enough to show you all those things, therefore I will bring you with Me
seven times for seven days.”
“You must write down everything you see and every word I say. You must write it all down
in a book so My children can read it.”
“It will remind them to stay aware and to recognize the warning signs of the end of the
world. I say unto you, the book will illuminate the hearts of many people. It will be read around
the world. Many hearts will be renewed and faith will be rejuvenated.”
“Worry not My daughter,” He continued, “with My wisdom you will understand the
meaning of all the things you will see and remember every detail correctly.”
“Prepare yourself during this week as I will see you again next week.”
The light slowly dimmed and disappeared.
* * *
God’s presence was still felt throughout the next hour even though the bright light had gone.
I was immersed in the Spirit of God, in a sweet peaceful atmosphere. I worshiped and thanked
God that He had chosen this unworthy vessel.
I prepared myself as the Lord had told me. I sought His presence more often and waited for
His next visitation as He promised.
* * *