PDF: Journey To Freedom: Generational Blessings, Bk2- Amanda Buys


Journey To Freedom- Generational Blessings, Book 2

Amanda Buys

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Part I: A Hebraic Understanding To Man’s Purpose And A Life Of Abundant Blessings

  •  God’s Purpose For Man
  •  Authority Of Blessing
  •  God’s Mandate To Fathers Is To Bless Children
  •  The Conflict Between The Greco-Roman Understanding Of Blessing
  • And That Of The Hebrew Thought Pattern
  •  God’s Holy Space – The Body Of Messiah Is One
  •  Understanding The Principle Of Cause And Effect And Its Application
  • In Generational Curses
  •  Are Generational Curses Possible?
  •  The Life Of Lot
  •  The Life Of Jacob’s Generational Curse Lineage
  •  A Hebraic Perspective Of A Curse
  •  Ancient Path Of Blessing (How To Do It)
  •  Milestone One
  •  Milestone Two
  •  Milestone Three
  •  Milestone Four
  •  The Birthright Is Therefore Our Succession To A Line Of Generational
  • Blessing That Have The Potential For Exponential Growth
  •  Generational Blessing
  •  A Father’s Calling To Bless
  •  Illustration Of A Family Of Generational Blessing
  •  Jacob’s Generational Blessing / Birthright
  •  Clearing Some Misconceptions About Curses And Blessings


 Part II: The Art Of Blessing

  •  Why Is Blessing Such A Big Deal?
  • The Relationship Between Obedience (Sh’ma) And Blessing
  •  Cause And Effect Relationship
  •  What Are The Characteristics Of A Man Who Can Bless
  •  The Potential Of The Blessing Of God
  •  Many Believers Do Not Know Their Purpose Or Destiny
  •  Six Wrong Principles To Watch Out For
  •  Blessing With An End-Time Perspective
  •  Prayer Of Renunciation