PETITION Against Suicide



FATHER GOD, our very Source of Life, we declare that You are the Covenant
Keeping GOD, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. We acknowledge
that You and You Alone have given _____________ the gift of life, even at the
time of conception and the ability to breathe and live at _____________’s
birth! (Genesis 2:7)
FATHER, we now place ___________’s life — past, present, and future into
Your Hands! ____________ belongs to You and we petition You to redeem
back every second, minute, day, season and year of _____________’s life.
We counter petition satan’s plans to steal ______________’s life from him/
her. We counter petition the un-Godly calling upon ____________’s life as a
sacrifice for satan and his kingdom.
We render all:
• triggers and codes in the seasons;
• times;
• dates;
• birth dates;
• age;
• friendships;
• spirit and soul ties;
• salt covenants;
• gifts;
• circumstances;
• star alignments;
• moon phases;
• star signs;
• programming in the sun, moon, stars, galaxies, dimensions;
• trigger words in movies, advertisements, songs, sights, smells touch;
• sound waves, electric waves and magnetic waves in the air …
POWERLESS in the Name of Y’shua (Jesus)!

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