Petitions: Prayer Book of Various Prayers and Petitions


What is a petition?

A petition is a written prayer, which acts almost like a legal document. The use of petitions is a very effective form of prayer and warfare. We encourage you to study the points below, and to then write your own petition, based on these guidelines. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you … always remember He is our Perfect Counsellor and will lead us into all Truth!

1 Timothy 2:1 “1 FIRST OF all, then, I admonish and urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men,”

We see that petitions are one of the four different forms of prayer. It is vital that we make use of this weapon in our pursuit of GOD’s Fullness for our lives.

We’ve seen that each letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet has it’s own “picture-form”. When these picture-forms are put together — as used in a word — we get a deeper understanding of the word and it’s meaning. Let’s have a look at the picture-forms of the Hebrew word for “petition”, spelled SH-L-H:
• Sh [Shin] = ascending flames of fire.
• L [Lamed] = tongues exhorting, prodding.
• H [Hey] = window or opening in a tent.

Putting the picture-forms together, we understanding that a “petition is when our tongue is prodding, pushing, and pleading … and the words that are spoken are likened to flames of fire that reach into the Throne Room through the window of Heaven”. The word petition has a legal connotation. We can only present our petitions before GOD’s Throne if we stand on legal ground … and our petitions will be granted if we find favour in GOD’s Sight.

The question is then … what legal ground do we have?

Our foundation is the Covenant we are partnered in with GOD Almighty through the Blood of Messiah Y’shua1 (Jesus). This is the highest Covenant there is, where GOD gave us His Son, Whose Blood is the COMPLETE Sacrifice for our sins. Our FAITH in Him gives us legal right to come boldly before FATHER GOD.

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