Population Reduction Courtesy of Covid ‘Vaccines’? | Principia Scientific Intl.

Source: Population Reduction Courtesy of Covid ‘Vaccines’? | Principia Scientific Intl.

Written by stateofthenation.co

Do you really want 40 Trillion packages of RNA injected into you that induce irreversible changes in your blood vessels? Is this how they are eliminating people via the various COVID-19 vaccination programs?

thiamine-B1 deficiency can result in elevated troponin levels (troponins are proteins in heart muscle that regular muscle contraction) and a decline in ejection fraction.

In response to the need for wound healing the body makes Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which is a hallmark sign of COVID-19 severity, and is considered a more important indicator of COVID-19 severity than D-dimer.  VEGF promotes blood coagulation (clots).

Yet beriberi, the disease that emanates from a deficiency of vitamin B1, also can elevate VEGF levels, misleading doctors to think they are staring at a cardiovascular disease emanating from a virus.

These symptoms arise 3-25 days following initial vaccination.  Another reports states: “The most striking initial test finding are highly elevated D-dimer levels.”

The chart below reveals the survival problem as D-dimer levels rise.

The zinger: Is it really a virus that is causing your symptoms?

Almost a third of recovered COVID-19 patients return to the hospital within five months and 1 in 8 die. Inexplicably prolonged symptoms, largely affecting the nervous system, persist among many thousands of patients.  This has been called long-haul COVID, “our next national health disaster.”

Symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, loss of sense of smell or taste (and hunger), muscle pain (calf muscle), vomiting, crying, fever, constipation, numbness in extremities, burning feet (at night), fast heart rate (tachycardia), loss of reflexes, sweating, foot drop, seizures, coma, and mental confabulations and impairment.

These symptoms of Long-COVID are the very same symptoms of vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency.

Since thiamine levels are very low in the blood and urine levels are not reliable, thiamine deficiency should be confirmed by an enzyme (transketolase) activity.

Unlike all other corona cold viruses, or any viruses, COVID-19 is claimed to produce the very same symptoms as beriberi, a frank vitamin B1 deficiency. Inexplicably, COVID-19 poses a threat to the entire nervous system.  B1 deficiency can produce venous thrombosis, blood clots in veins.

The provision of 200 milligrams of intravenous vitamin B1 (thiamine) in the ICU daily has achieved a 75% reduction in absolute risk for mortality among hospitalized patients.  B1 therapy reduced risk for thrombosis (blood clots) by 81%!

Recurrence of COVID-19 following vaccination is explained by thiamine B1 deficiency.

Doctors see COVID-19 through the lens of profit-making

Doctors see COVID-19 through a lens of which insurance billing codes can they employ.  Prescription drugs are preferred over natural remedies.  Expensive treatments that generate greater profits for doctors are preferred.

An example of how medical doctors plunder desperate patients to profiteer off of long-haul COVID cases was recently aired on YouTube.   One doctor hails another doctor, saying he deserves a Nobel Prize, over taking vitamin B1 deficient patients and running a business of over-testing and selling a $1650 drug instead.  This is just another of the many profit-making schemes doctors come up with.

In a report published in Frontiers in Immunology, the doctor claims a protein marker on the surface of white blood cells, CCR5, dictates the severity and lethality of COVID-19, a problem that is resolved by a $1600 drug.  Patients are falling for this doctor’s medicine because they are not savvy enough to understand there are safer and less expensive alternatives, as described herein.

All of the symptoms the doctor cites as commonly reported among long-duration COVID-19 patients are the same symptoms caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency.

This author has assembled unequivocal evidence that associates the symptoms attributed to COVID-19 with a vitamin B1 deficiency brought on by changes in the diet during the restrictive lock-down, namely a 500 percent increase in drinking alcohol at home accompanies by increased consumption of sugary foods and due to sleeplessness, caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea), all food and beverage factors that block vitamin B1 absorption or utilization.

The greater the severity of a pandemic the greater amount of alcohol consumed by a population.”

Of interest, a patient who lived on frozen blended coffee lattes (molecules in coffee block utilization of vitamin B1) developed the same symptoms seen among long-haul COVID-19 patients.

In other words, the lock-down and associated fear and anxiety have resulted in a worse epidemic, far more mortal than COVID-19.

The Great Masquerader: Produces Symptoms Of Every Other Disease

A severe vitamin B1 deficiency is known as beriberi and produces an array of symptoms that masquerade as a broad number of diseases.  Combined with an unreliable antibody test for COVID-19 that produces many false-positive tests, gives many individuals the false impression they have a viral infection rather than a dietary deficiency.

B1 Controls Nervous System

Vitamin B1 controls the autonomic nervous system, body functions that operate automatically such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion/elimination and immunity.  A deficiency of B1 can induce via the hypothalamus in the brain, a fever, vomiting, diarrhea and breathlessness, symptoms commonly associated with the flu or a viral infection.

The fact that COVID-19 cases unusually don’t produce a cytokine storm in the lungs like pneumonia and tuberculosis do, suggests this is not a viral epidemic.  Doctors are perplexed by these recurrent symptoms but cannot fathom it is a dietary deficiency disease induced by fear, anxiety and the lockdown.

Generally, upper and lower respiratory tract viral infections induce specific antibodies after 7-10 days and the infection subsides.

A vitamin B1 deficiency that comes and goes would explain the unusual symptomatic relapses COVID-19 patients report.  One study of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms found 15.6% were vitamin B1 deficient (26.3% among diabetics with COVID-19), sufficient enough to start a pandemic.

Thiamine deficiency disease is associated with an almost 50% increase in mortality.  Vitamin B1 should be routinely administered to critically ill patients.

To relieve your fears, you may not have COVID at all.  A positive PCR test for COVID-19 is fraught with problems.  Halt all the alcohol, coffee, tea, and take vitamin B1 supplements, preferably in fat-soluble form (benfotiamine, allithiamine), as directed on the bottle.  Don’t be fooled by thiamine-B1 deficiency like doctors are.