PRAYER Dealing with Jealousy


Jealousy is very prominent among African people. Individuals are jealous over each other as well as families and tribes. If they see another individual/family/ tribe prospering, they will consult witch-doctors to place curses on them to try and stop them from progressing and prospering.

Jealousy is so powerful … it can kill and destroy.

Christians can also be jealous of one another and this can be just as dangerous as if this Christian goes to a witch-doctor to curse his brother or sister, family or tribe.

We need to study exactly what jealousy is all about so that we can protect ourselves from being the target of jealousy.

Partnering with other Demons

The spirit of jealousy seems to be able to partner very effectively with other demons. There are certain demonic entities that come in pairs or triplets. If we deal with only one part of the unholy alliance, the problem seems to reoccur.

For example, on a simplistic level, if you deal with a critical and judgmental spirit, there would be significant success in the deliverance, but after a period of time, the problem would come back.

What you need to understand that you also have to deal with the perfectionism in that individual. Frequently an individual that is outwardly judgmental of others is inwardly judgmental of himself, (that is the perfectionism). It is two sides of the same point of criticism and you have to deal with both sides.

Similarly, there are five primary demonic strongholds that seem to partner with, or establish an unholy alliance with jealousy. Those alliances need to be dealt with.

1) First of all, there is a spirit of death and infirmity. If that is a generational problem in the family line and the spirit of jealousy is also attacking the individual, it is a dangerous mix.
2) We also see jealousy frequently attaching to somebody who already has a victim spirit.
3) A third demonic stronghold is Freemasonry.
4) A fourth one is any kind of financial curse.
5) The fifth one is mental confusion or even mental illness in a family line. When someone has an inability to perceive true reality or is living in denial, it suggests the possibility of a spirit of mental confusion or mental illness in the family line.

Any one of these five by itself is a nuisance. Each one of them seems to be a magnet attracting a spirit of jealousy from other people, with the two demonic powers forming an unholy alliance.

When doing the family survey, try to identify whether any of these five is present, and if so, call them to attention and sever the alliance between them and the spirit of jealousy before taking them on individually.

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