Prayers Of Renunciation RELIGIONS-1 – Amanda Buys


Prayers Of Renunciation RELIGIONS-1

Amanda Buys

Download:   Prayers-Of-Renunciation-RELIGIONS-1

These prayers have been written according to personal opinions and
convictions, which are gathered from many counseling sessions and our
interpretation of the Word of GOD, the Bible.
In no way have these prayers been written to discriminate against any
persons, churches, organizations, and/or political parties. We ask therefore
that you handle this book in the same manner.



1. Mormons
2. Jehovah’s Witnesses
3. Old / New Apostolic Church
4. Zoroasterism
5. Babylonian Roots of Constantine
6. Babylonian Roots of South Africa
7. Queen of Heaven
8. Scientology
9. Rosicrucianism
10. Hinduism
11. Hare Krishna
12. Buddhism
13. New Age
14. Rastafarianism
15. Islam
16. Worldwide Church of God