Restoration Message 387 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Jan 6, 2017


Restoration Message 387

Last night before going to sleep I was thinking about different messages I had read about restoration, and was thinking with my brain and not the Lord’s understanding. I though, I don’t understand why people are getting messages about the restoration of nations when the Lord has given me messages saying no He will not.

Then the Lord came to me and showed me that the messages that they had gotten did not mean what I thought they did. He showed me restorations of relationships, broken hearts, and broken people, which were now coming into His presence.

He showed me that many have been woken up and are seeing who they are in Him, and receiving His Holy Spirit, anointing, understanding and all that He has for them now. That He is causing great restoration in all nations to the people of every nation.

After this I was praising Him and drifted off to sleep. I dreamed all night long, many different dreams and situations, but I knew that in every one of them I was helping people to food, safety, etc.

In one dream the two people I was with were hungry. I looked up and three vines came down with apples, pears and oranges on them. I picked some and offered them to the people, the man said no he did not want any but the woman said yes and began eating the fruit. Then I looked over and saw a leopard hiding under some brush and told the people it was time for us to leave.

My Children, I Am truly working many, many miracles all around you and through you.

Many, many people have been brought in to Me, as it should be, as the harvest has began.

It began months ago and many have come to receive My salvation, anointing and wisdom, all that is of Me.

The eyes of My Children are being opened and they are seeing Me as they should be.

This is the time that was written of, and the things that Daniel had hidden are being revealed and understood right now, before your very eyes.

There is much being poured out on all of the land as this is the generation that this was all meant for.

You My loves are the last generation and this is your time to shine the light of My love unto the world and to let them see Me in you.

These are the last days that you are living in, so don’t miss out, stay in Me, spread My love, and My word.

Tell the world of My salvation and coming as it is truly nigh.