Satan’s City Under the Sea and the Kingdom of Darkness


Is satan’s headquarters or base of operation for his kingdom of darkness under the sea?

I believe that it is.

But it is a spiritual city, one that cannot be seen with the physical, natural eye. This spiritual city can only be seen by or accessed with the eyes of one’s spirit. This diabolical city is a counterfeit Heaven with its streets of gold and architectural splendor.

The devil has always wanted to be God. However, satan cannot be God so he tries desperately to be like God, but an evil, unloving, version of darkness, pride, and sin.

Samuel Vagalas Kanco is a former witchdoctor who attests that this city under the sea does in fact exist. He and his father used to travel there in their spirit forms and witnessed many things while there. Samuel saw how satan’s kingdom works, and how he and his demons are able to steal, kill, and destroy fallen humanity and even backslidden believers (Christians).

Here is a sample from Samuel Kanco’s book “Witchdoctor and the Man”:

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The enemy—satan—has a real kingdom in the spirit world. This kingdom is meant to mirror the Kingdom of God in magnificence, beauty, glory, power, and order. At every turn, and in every instance satan attempts to copy God’s throne, God’s Heavenly abode, Bible, angelic hosts, church, dress and attire, worship, power, and anything that has to do with God.
But the devil is not divine.
There is only one Creator.

The devil knows this and yet he still endeavors to be like God in every way, yet he is only a defeated, created cherub. The adversary has many agents working for him in both the physical, natural world and spirit world. These agents appear as angels of light and normal people, but have sinister, ulterior motives. Many of satan’s agents occupy political spheres of influence, the entertainment industry, and Christian churches.

The enemy’s agents pervade every facet of human society from political leaders down to whole families (including children). Many cartoons, movies, television programs, cultural activities, songs, artwork, images, fashion, inventions, books, attitudes, beliefs, ideologies, civil and national conflicts, wars, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and many crimes have their roots in the kingdom of darkness.

Everything that goes on in this universe is either influenced and controlled by God or the created fallen cherub called satan. True believers have power through the Name of Jesus to advance God’s Kingdom on earth. Just as true believers obey the Word of God, the devil’s true followers obey his word. We are engaged in a very real battle for souls. The devil created all of these false religions to keep people from getting to God. The adversary has created demon-inspired video games, magazines, board games, and all sorts of activities including sports and concerts and other events to distract people from coming to God.

The devil is responsible for celebrity worship and many activities that many perceive as harmless. It is the devil who promotes sex outside of marriage, drunkenness, drug use, violence, sexual perversion, rape, murder, atheism, evolutionary theory, occultism, false religion, impure thoughts, masturbation, lesbianism, homosexuality, bestiality, human sacrifice, witchcraft, voodoo, David Blaine and Chriss Angel’s real street magic, child abduction, gang violence and lifestyle, soap operas, mental disorders, sickness and disease, child molestation, domestic violence, racism, seeming accidents, etc.

There is no such thing as luck or chance. It’s either God or the created, fallen cherub called the devil. But human will is at the center of a symbolic pendulum at any given moment. Folks, you are either saved or lost. You are either in the Kingdom of God or kingdom of satan. Once you reach the age of accountability where you can discern between right and wrong you are faced with the most important decision of your life:
To believe in Jesus Christ and confess Him and only Him as your Lord and Savior or not to. It does not matter what country, village, state, or part of the world or culture you were born into. There is only one God, and one Savior for the entire world. His Name is Jesus Christ. It does not matter what your social or economic status is, who your parents were, where you live, what you drive, what your educational level is, how you look, dress, talk, or act.

It does not matter if you are royalty or not, rich or poor, popular or not, sick or well, black or white, American or not, blue collar or white collar, handicapped or not, an atheist or agnostic, evolutionist or deist, Buddhist or Hindu, churchgoer or not, good or bad, a convict or priest—if you have not confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord, if you do not believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead, if you have never asked Jesus Christ to save you from your sins—then friend you are lost for eternity whether you believe this or not.

There is no gray area.

The enemy knows that if anyone believes in Jesus Christ for salvation from their sin, and by faith confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, that person becomes a child of the most High God–and Heaven bound. The devil knows who has the power to enforce his defeat and who doesn’t. The devil cannot even speak the Name of Jesus without falling to his knees in obeisance.

Baptism will not save you, religion will not save you, Siddhârtha Gautama Buddha or Muhammad, cannot save you, your money cannot save you, your background cannot save you, your grandparents faith cannot save you, your education cannot save you, your looks, cannot save you, your talent cannot save you, your pastor cannot save you, your parents cannot save you, your good heart and good deeds cannot save you, your charity and philanthropy cannot save you, the Roman Catholic Church cannot save you, the Pope cannot save you, Mary cannot save you, Jesus’ disciples cannot save you, sacraments cannot save you, your intellect cannot save you, the most devout person you know cannot save you. The following cannot save you: a minister, preacher, evangelist, prophet, teacher, apostle, missionary, priest, monk, rabbi, church leader, so-called holy man or guru of any kind—not even one—they cannot save you. I cannot save you.

The only One Who can save you is Jesus Christ.

You must choose today who you will serve. You can no longer halt between two opinions. If you are on the Lord’s side then call on Jesus now! If not then remain as you are.

We are engaged in a very real battle for souls. Below is a link that offers insight into to this parallel existence.