On The Sixth Day Message 485 – Terri Taplin


On The Sixth Day Message 485

My Children, do you understand that I created you all, every soul, each and every one of you?

Do you understand that I knew you before I set you in your mother womb?

Do you understand that on the sixth day I created them both, man and woman, on the sixth day?

What you may not understand is that I not only created Adam and Eve on the sixth day, but I created every soul on the sixth day.

The understanding most religions of man is that woman was an afterthought, that I never had a master plan for her that she came because man was lonely.

This is not from Me.

I planned for both man and woman to be on earth together, I truly love woman and man, and both are to be respected the same.

I am not respecter of person, meaning I will work through a woman just as much as a man, even children are My vessels.

Do not think that a woman cannot deliver My messages, cannot teach My word.

If it were true that she is not to, why would I lead her to do such a thing?

Why would she walk within My Will and anointing?

Why would she want to follow Me if I saw her as not enough as most religions of man do?

Every one of My creation is important, is special to Me and everyone has a purpose and gift.

Not all understand this nor does everyone see what their gift is, but trust Me it is there.

Do not believe the lies of the enemy saying you do not matter, that you are nothing, or that you will not be taken in the Rapture, that you are not saved.

I tell you true you are fine.

It is written that all that call My Name will be received, will not be forsaken nor forgotten.

You are Mine, I am yours and I love you dearly.

Every good father loves their children and I Am A Good Father.

I truly love and care for you.

I provide everything, and I will bring you through if you let Me.

Stay in Me and know that not one gift is more important than another, just as not one of you is loved more than another.

Your gift and purpose was given by Me and is all part of My plan, trust in that and trust in Me and all will be fine.


There are many that do not see just how much they mean to our God, He has told us in scripture, messages, dreams and visions that we are very important.

We mean so very much to Him and when we believe the enemies lies that we are not enough, it is as if we are saying God is lying, that He does not mean it, that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is not enough.

He is God and He cares for us, this means that He knows our every need before we do and if we stay in Him and within His will we will have all we need.

Just as I had finished this message a song came on and the Lord said this is for us. It was Happy Heart by Andy Williams. I will post the lyrics in the comments section.

Please keep each other in prayer. I and many are going through trials right now. My husband had a small stroke the other day and it is now affecting his speech, balance and thinking.

God bless us all and I love you.