Spiritual Maturity – Susan Davis


Susan Davis
6 July 2018

Spiritual Maturity

In the beginning you need GOD–you need HIM badly.

You’re spiritually immature because you don’t get that you need HIM at all.

But when you grow spiritually in your walk with the LORD by the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, the more you grow–the greater your understanding of just how badly you need HIM.

You have always needed HIM badly–you just become more enlightened (if you are growing) on just how desperately you needed HIM right in the beginning.

You learn how much you need HIM measured through time.

Before you thought you only needed HIM once in a great while.

Some think HE is someone you need for the rare moments in life that people decide to talk about GOD…at funerals…at hospital bedsides, for example.

But as you grow spiritually, you begin to understand that you really cannot ever be without HIM essentially.

Then there is the knowledge of the distance you keep with GOD.

When you are very spiritually immature you think that any time spent with GOD should be at a great relational distance.

HE’s far off and that’s how you like it.

You can’t say you are close to HIM and that is normal.

When you start to grow in spiritual maturity, you might decide to increase your understanding of GOD, but HE seems nothing more than a story book character that is intriguing at best.

Then something might happen in your life to put GOD on your radar that would have HIM seem like something more than merely a historical character from a Best Selling book.

You might pray for something impossible only to see it come to pass or you experience something that causes you to question, could GOD be real?

And if HE is…could my religion change into a relationship?

Religion is so non-committal in a rote way.

I mean it’s rote, don’t get me wrong–but it really isn’t something or someone you can relate to, because GOD in religion is so two-dimensional and black and white and well bland.

But when GOD “shows up” it changes everything…suddenly religion transitions into “relationship” and GOD becomes so much more than even the best 4-D, and HE is anything but bland when HE becomes real to you.

Rote is not the norm for having a relationship with the Living GOD.

And you are no longer at square one, when you believed you only needed a black and white 2-D GOD for a couple of life events that you have in your GOD box that gets opened occasionally.

Spiritual maturity is when you wise up and figure out you are in major trouble if you don’t connect with this GOD alot and learn all you can about HIM and find out that you never really understood what LOVE meant until you died to yourself and what you once thought was so mature: ROTE RELIGION…

You see GOD is LOVE and you’ve been avoiding True LOVE your whole life…