Spiritual Warfare Prayers Book 1

This is NOT a book of generic prayers which are to be used for one’s personal convenience, so that it is not necessary to think of what one wants to say to God. They are not meant to be mechanically or repetitively recited aloud as a mental exercise in vying to communicate with Him.

The purpose of this book is to familiarize the reader with the mechanics, dynamics, and scriptural vocabulary of prayers of the Word and Spirit. Pray them aloud.

The Bible speaks of praying in-the-Spirit (tongues) and praying with-the Spirit. This book addresses the latter. My purpose in writing this book is to provide a foundation of style, vocabulary, and knowledge from the scriptures, which can be used by the Holy Spirit to instill in each and every reader, the desire and practice of praying for their particular need, circumstance, or loved one … in-the-Spirit.

When a believer prays in-the-Spirit, he or she must first yield to the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name, and let the Holy Spirit put it upon their heart as to what to pray and how to pray out the request, problem, or circumstance. In praying in-the-Spirit, the believer lets the Holy Spirit make the words flow from their own heart spontaneously after yielding to Him. The words just flow in power. The degree to which this happens depends upon the degree of tug and yieldedness. It must be practiced. Thus, it should be your goal to let the Holy Spirit pray through you and with you, in your own language, and to seek to let Him make the words arise from your heart, directed upward to the Lord. You let Him lead the prayer.

I encourage you, then, to use these prayers as a jumping-off point. When a believer learns the vocabulary of scripture through repeated use, and understands the principles, direction, goals, and objectives of praying in each type of prayer, he or she can then yield to the Spirit and begin to pray such prayers in their own words, from the heart. This is praying with-the-Spirit as a yielded vessel. Do not worry about how perfect or smoothly the “flow” or words of your prayer come out. The Holy Spirit honors the intent of the heart.

As this is practiced, familiarizing oneself with the terms, intentions, style, and vocabulary of specific prayers, makes it easier for the trader to express his or her prayer from the heart, asking the Holy Spirit what to pray, in Jesus’ Name. With practice, you as a believer, will be praying Spirit-filled prayers on your own. The Holy Spirit will develop your own style of prayer for you. You must simply rely, bust, and depend upon Him to do so. That is what the scriptures call “abiding” on Christ.

I pray that this book will be helpful and a blessing to all who use it, and that through the ministry of the Holy Spirit to your heart, that it will lead YOU into a more mature prayer-life and faithwalk. To that end is this book written. If it serves some small purpose in helping to achieve this through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit upon your life, then it will have achieved its purpose.

Why? Because a believer without prayer is a believer without power; a church without prayer is a church without power.

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