Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe: Book 19 – The Kingdom of the Beast in Part

Yet spiritual warfare increased the EMF to such an uncontrollable point that there was not a place in the house we could lay our weary heads.  Yes, these were using and working with EMF in such sinister and demonic ways that each morning we awoke bruised, battered and sick. 

What now? Determined, we persisted in seeking the Lord earnestly for answers. One morning through Spirit revelation, mom and I were to participate in the most frightful experience. 

We had found ourselves in the midst of a very difficult mind-boggling situation. How we got into it failed our understanding, but there we were walking up a flight of stairs and noticed that demons in the shape of humans were also ascending.

Although these demons looked very, very human our Spirits discerned that they took on the human form. Spirit revelations always unfold at the right moments. We knew that these had already inhabited every part of the earth.

Observing closely what was done in secret, I saw that these demons all headed straight to a certain section. I almost suffered lock-jaw when I realized to whom the shadow belonged.

Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 09

Goggle-eyed, I almost stretched my eyeballs out of their sockets. Who is casting this most frightful, nerve-racking shadow not known to mankind? 

Its shadow alone shocked every hair covering our flesh. 

Once again, I do not have the right words to make you understand the capacity of utter, deep darkness this entity’s presence consisted of. It weighed heavier than all evil mountains joined together. 

Every nerve in our bodies shook and cringed. The unexpected moment rolled through Spirit revelation – we knew to whom the dreadful shadow belonged!

Yes, its shadow said it all. It was “The BEAST”, and it had been allowed to cast its shadow.

The dark properties its shadow contained is being experienced the world over; such as it was with dark forces, mighty and powerful. The abilities given to its shadow were terrifying and mind-boggling.

How are we to fight the unimaginable? This is more than just what you or I could ever understand, but it is presently rapidly unfolding.

Oh Reader, what an unusual type of warfare; just at that moment when we realized that we were not equipped to fight against it, it fled showing a clean pair of heels.

We also knew that once we were fully armed that a mighty battle would be raged.

Yes, the spirit of the Beast had infiltrated the world over; moreover, its presence can be touched. While the Beast awaits its appointed time, the most ranked demons were going about its bidding. 

They were sent on the most diabolical, sinister, vicious, cold-blooded assignments, and were reporting back.  

Yet warfare spiraled out of control causing serious sufferings so that there was no weight in our rebuke. Over-exhausted and bruised we cried unto the Lord for Spirit revelation.

During this most difficult time, I was taken into an open Spirit vision and was shown what many of you push aside as just cartoons.

So what have these high ranking demonoids to do with the Beast?

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“Surely this one had a definite assignment from the Beast”, we sighed.

Well, it was during the wee hours that we awoke under the presence of the most disgusting smell which swept through the entire house. Not only were we sick to the core, but we were covered in bruises, burns and pains. 

This demonoid that looked like Freezer, had an abusive, violent and scorching presence. In a split second, burning liquid-like substance covered everything.

Imagine, this torturous thing came every morning during our most vulnerable moments to accomplish its assignments given by the Beast.

This had been so disgusting and overwhelming that mom sat in the living room to sleep each night. The intensity of EMF/EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) was indescribable as it was accompanied by a shower-like acid.

This had affected us so badly that one morning she awoke with her entire neck burning and itching with blister-like sores. 

She travailed in earnest prayer each morning seeking the Father for a way out of this situation, “For Your Glory, Father”.

One evening deep growls came forth from behind our fridge; immediately she arose and headed for the kitchen. While wrestling with this demonoid, using Authority, Spirit revelation came through.

Then she rebuked, “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who is the Head of my body for the body is not without the Head neither is the Head without the body. Jesus (the Head) in me and through me bind you on earth and in the heavens.”

“Powers of the Beast assigned in and through this foul, unclean spirit growling behind my fridge, I command you to be bound up in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” She repeated this using absolute Spirit Authority and instantly the deep, ugly growling began to fade.

“The Spirit Life of Christ Jesus which is in His Blood wipe away, annihilate and obliterate your very existence, in Jesus’ Name.” (She repeated this using absolute Spirit Authority.)

Immediately, the fridge shook and the atmosphere took on a complete difference. 

We noticed that the overwhelming intensity of the EMF faded. 

Reader, so what has the above demonoid and the Beast to do with the EMF/EMR?

Well, the following night when demonoid returned, I accompanied mom after listening to how she was wrestling with this foul, unclean spirit. As we laid our hands in unity against the evil that persisted Spirit vision flooded my mind.

I saw that the Beast had sent multiple demonoids who all stood in a very long line. They stood in rows and rows of battalions. 

She had thought that it was just one stubborn, foul spirit, but when I shared with her Spirit revelation, we uttered in unison, “Lord, rain down death bombs; annihilate and obliterate and wipe out every camp the Beast has set up. Destroy all their powers and authority given by the Beast.

In the Name of Jesus, we cast a Spiritual Net over the remaining army of the Beast, and we tie it. Suffocate… suffocate… be weakened… be weakened… in the Name of Jesus, be weakened…be weakened…be weakened…

In the Name of Jesus, we command Heaven’s Deadliest Weapons to drag away the Spiritual Net and take them to where Jesus sends them, never to return.”

Instantly, the atmosphere took on a difference and the EMF weakened.

So what does that tell you as Reader?

Once again on the following night, the same growling came softly from behind the fridge; this time mom laid hands on the fridge and deep freezer and prayed.

“The Greater One who is in me, rebuke and bind you up. Christ Jesus in me and through me bind you up. Defeated foe, you cannot stand in the Presence of Jesus Who is in me. 

I command that Heaven’s Deadliest Weapons wipe out and obliterate the entire Kingdom of the Beast’s strongholds set up against me this night.

Be weakened…be weakened… be weakened… by the Authority of the Blood of Jesus…”

As she prayed the growling persisted, but on walking away the suddenness of the way it stopped amazed us.

Just before we went to sleep that night, deep growls returned behind the fridge and the deep freezer. Mom headed toward the kitchen and laying hands continued saying the above prayer. Thereafter, she pleaded “the Blood of Jesus… the Blood of Jesus…” 

She said, “I will not get tired of using the Blood of Jesus”, so as the time passed she continued to rebuke “Jesus’ Blood weaken you…. Jesus’ Blood weaken you…” 

There was an instant result as peace flooded through Jesus’ Blood. Once again we also noticed that the EMF weakened.

An over-exhausted mom drifted off to sleep as she had sat up two nights sleeping in a chair in the living room. It was just after two a.m. during the wee hours of the morning when severe pains gripped her leg. 

She stumbled once more to the living room to recover when she heard deep growling coming from the kitchen. 

As long as she laid her hands upon the deep freezer burning liquid like acid covered both hands. So off she went to anoint the freezer with oil. While she persisted using “Jesus’ Blood weaken every one of you…” the yard door started shaking and rattling.  

“The Greater One in me and through me bind up the entire kingdom of the Beast assigned against me. Jesus in me and through me bind up every one of you. Heaven bind up the presence of the spirit of the Beast.

I command Michael the Archangel to come with chains, for it is written that Michael will bind up the dragon and hurl him into the lake that burns with brimstone. I am ordained and given this Authority to put into motion the Spirit Law. Let every one of you be hurled into the bottomless pit… be hurled into the bottomless pit… be hurled into the bottomless pit… in Jesus’ Name…”

There was an instant response after setting Spirit Law into motion. Oh All Glory and Honour return unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Truly the EMF weakened and she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

When she opened her eyes under severe attack that morning, vicious growling came once more from the kitchen. She sat anointing herself with olive oil and then headed toward the growling.

It was three a.m. in the morning when she wrestled with this type of evil for thirty minutes. Evil burning pains like liquid acid not only covered the deep freezer, but swept over both her hands and arms. 

When she confessed “Christ Jesus liveth in me”, unexpectedly Spirit revelation came into her Spirit, “Jesus Christ in me… Jesus Christ in me… bind the spirit of the Beast… Jesus Christ in me… Jesus Christ in me… bind up the shadow of the Beast… Jesus Christ in me… Jesus Christ in me… bind up the power of the Beast… Jesus’ Name… Jesus’ Name… Jesus’ Name… Jesus’ Name…”

Reader as she repeated “Jesus’ Name”, the sound of a very, very, fast express train manifested and instantly the atmosphere took on a wonderful difference. Well praise the Lord Jesus!

Mom settled down and dozed off only to open her eyes to the sound of deep growling coming forth once again. “So you want more torments?” she uttered loudly. “More torments you will get!” “Jesus Christ…. Jesus Christ… in me… Jesus Christ… Jesus Christ… in me… bind you up… Jesus Christ… Jesus Christ in me… bind you up!”

Well praise the Lord, it fled and returned three hours later, but this time the growling was weakened insomuch that when she rebuked, “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…” it fled and never returned.

“So that is why I was quite dizzy and feeling nauseous!” she uttered, not to mention the intensity of the Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. 

Well Reader, the mystery was revealed – it was all linked to the Beast who cast its death shadow the world over. 

That evening the growling again shook the deep freezer, so mom headed toward where it was coming from. I heard how she wrestled with the unclean, foul spirit until Spirit revelation flooded through, then she uttered, “The Blood of Jesus in me…. Bind you… The Blood of Jesus in me…Bind you…The Blood of Jesus in me…Bind you…and cast you into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name…in Jesus’ Name…in Jesus’ Name…”

Immediately, I heard the growling weaken and then it vanished.

It was four a.m. in the morning when mom awoke; deep growling was coming from you know where. “So you want your bitter pill to worsen?” she said as she wrestled with them to the point when Spirit revelation flooded her, “Jesus’ Resurrection Power… in me… bind you…cast you into the bottomless pit…”

As she repeated this Spirit revelation, evil weakened and vanished, but I awoke sick.

That night, I heard mom wrestling for some time before Spirit revelation came into her Spirit, “Christ in me … bind you in a straitjacket… Christ in me…bind you in a straitjacket… Christ in me cast you into the bottomless pit… never to return.”

After repeating straitjacket for some time, it weakened and so was cast into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.

I told mom that when one very long line of these foul spirits were destroyed, then the Beast would send another, and another, and another. Each battalion the Beast sent was stronger than the previous, so it was a continuous battle night and day.

That morning she repeated, “The Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness”; in an instant, the atmosphere took on a difference and evil fled.

An hour later, another battle broke out so she repeated, “Host of Heaven makes toast of every one of you… Host make toast…Host make toast…” instantly, the atmosphere took on a difference.

During the entire day, she ignored the enemy, but the night another battle broke out for an hour then Spirit revelation came through, “I command Michael the Archangel to come out of Heaven with chains of Fire and bind up the entire camp of the Beast… bind them up… bind up the entire camp of the Beast… bind them up… bind them up… and cast the entire camp of the Beast into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name…”

This she repeated until it faded and vanished so the atmosphere took on a difference.

The following morning, she awoke as indescribably intense EMF deafened her amidst evil which once again manifested loud and clear. It felt as though her entire head had been blown open by the EMF, but amazingly in this dire situation, she remained calm. The Beast had tried in every possible way to rob her of her liberty, to get her angry and frustrated, but this trick was revealed unto her Spirit.

Calmly she sat next to the thing and opened her Bible to Psalm 91, standing on the Word of the Highest Whose Power no foe, deadly pestilence or evil plots can withstand. She claimed verse 11, “For He will give His angels charge over you to defend and preserve you and they shall bear you up on their hands.”

Reader, as she stood firm on the Word, and as it is written she remained stable under the Shadow of the Almighty. Then she read Psalm 59 “…Lord God,
they lie in wait for my life; fierce and mighty men are banding against me, not for my transgression nor for any sin of mine O Lord. They run and prepare themselves, though there is no fault in me; rouse Yourself O Lord to meet and help me and see who treacherously plot evil.”

“Consume them in Your wrath…consume them so that they shall be no more…” she repeated it when both the fridge and the deep freezer shook violently thus the manifestation could not move her to frustration, but rather it faded and then died away. Glory and honour unto the Lord, our Rock and our Defence and our Mighty Fortress!

I approached her to tell her that I had had a very unusual experience the night before.  I had just closed my eyes when I looked at what many of you think is just a toy, but Reader it is more than real!

Spiritual Warfare and Purple Robe - Book 19 image 11

Yes, this image was about a quarter of a metre in height, with eyes as big as saucers and blue hair. As it stood looking at me, I noticed that its power was hidden in its eyes. Whatever it looked upon was exactly what mom described as ‘liquid lava burning and scorching anything and everything in sight.’

Reader, what enormous evil radiates such scorching powers? I understood that the Beast had sent him. Could this be the next rank or level of EMF coming from the Beast?

Well, as I related this to mom guess who turned up, so she said, “Jesus’ Blood exterminate Troll… Jesus’ Blood wipe you out… Jesus’ Blood…”

She repeated this insomuch that Troll weakened then she commanded, “Be cast into the bottomless pit and never return, in Jesus’ Name.”

Instantly, the atmosphere took on a wonderful change. Praise the Lord!

Well, when Troll came back mom rebuked, “The Blood of Jesus… cleanses… cleanses… cleanses… us from all unrighteousness…” This she repeated insomuch that Troll fled.

Every time the Beast sent another troll, mom’s rebuke was different, “I command the Host of Heaven to make toast of every troll, in Jesus’ Name. Host… make… toast…”

She repeated this insomuch that Troll faded away.

It was five a.m. in the morning and she had not slept; warfare had broken out until she rebuked, “Battle axe of the Lord my God crush… crush… crush… Troll… Battle axe of the Lord crush… crush… crush…sh… sh…”

And of cause Troll vanished, but soon returned when over-exhausted, mom drifted off to sleep, and opened her eyes having a black-out. She crawled around very slowly only to be met with deep grunting and growling.

She requested that Michael the Archangel bind up Troll and cast him into the bottomless pit, and immediately the thing fled.

During that morning the Beast kept sending different trolls so she rebuked, “Troll, the Blood of Jesus draw out all your strength and power”, but this seemed to aggravate old Troll. 

So she rebuked, “Troll, the Blood of Jesus draw out all your virtue…”

Oh this was so effective that she kept using authority repeating “Troll, the Blood of Jesus draw out all your virtue… all… all… your virtue and cast you into the bottomless pit.”

That day, we had peace and recovered; when old trollie made his appearance, she remarked, “I was just looking for a good fight and here it comes!”

“Troll in the Name of J-e-s-u-s… the Name of J-e-s-u-s…the Name of J—e—s—u—s… 


As she kept repeating “J—e—s—u—s”,  old trollie was cast into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name.

Well, it’s Sunday morning and you know warfare had become more intense until mom sighed, “What are we fighting now because this type of evil seems to be more powerful than old trollies!”

Warfare broke out for an hour before it fled, and returned later after the Spirit revealed to her to start going back into her warfaring prayers. This type of prayer removed all evil mantles and dark veils, anything and everything that had limited and blocked the day. 

Reader, Spirit anointing rested in fullness upon us when once again evil reared its ugly head. So, very softly and quietly she pointed toward where it was coming from, and rebuked, “The Power of the Blood of Jesus take care of you… The Power of the Blood of Jesus take care of you…”

Instantly, it fled and never returned.

I told her that I had been given Spirit revelation that I was back at school.

Well, to confirm that trolls come from Hell itself and bring the entire atmosphere and properties of Hell with them. This is an extract from The Seven Columbian Youths Testimony:-

[My friends and brothers, while leaving that place, we saw what looked like bridges that divided Hell into different sections of torment.  We saw a spirit walking over a footbridge.  It looked just like a doll that people have on earth; people call them Treasure Trolls.  

They have different colour hair, with an old man’s face but a child’s body, and no sexual parts.  Their eyes are full of evil.  The Lord Jesus Christ explained that they are spirits of loss] 

[This described them as Treasure Trolls whose power was in their eyes.]

That night, it returned, so mom rebuked, “Lord, whet Your glittering Sword and destroy… glittering Sword of the Lord destroy… glittering Sword of the Lord destroy…”

Its manifestation soon weakened as she repeated, “Glittering Sword of the Lord destroy… I whet the glittering Sword of the Lord… die… die… die… be cast into the bottomless pit never to return…” and so it was. DONE in Jesus’ Name!

The following morning when she opened her eyes, she felt as if she was being violently assaulted upon a bed of radiation. Oh how it ate at her physical body which was overly bruised and sore. Yet it pleased the devourer who strongly manifested, to finish off the assignment given by the Beast.

What a greeting on a Christmas morning as she dragged herself along. As time passed the Lord strengthened her, so that she uttered, “Lord, whet Your great unstoppable Sword. I strike you with the whet Sword of the Lord… whet Sword of the Lord… die by the whet Sword of the Lord…”

“Die… die… die… and be cast into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name…”

What amazing results! The electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) weakened. Praise the Lord Our God! Mom recovered instantly.

An hour later, deep grunting and growling manifested again, so mom rebuked, “The Fire… Power of the Word of God melts you… melt you… melt you… like wax… The Fire Power of the Word of God cast you into the bottomless pit… never to return, in Jesus’ Name…”

This she repeated over and over until it weakened, faded away like melted wax.

Not long after that, Beast again lined up his regiments so they came one after the other, giving mom no rest; this happened night after night and day after day.

In one instance, she rebuked, “God’s Power is Greater, in Jesus’ Name… God’s Power binds you up, in Jesus’ Name… God’s Power cast you into the bottomless pit… in Jesus’ Name…”

This she repeated until it weakened and was hurled into the pit without a bottom.

It was late that night when it returned in full fury, so she rebuked, “The Greater One bind you up and hurl you into the bottomless pit, in Jesus’ Name…”

This she repeated, and so it was done, in Jesus’ Name.

Each manifestation was worse than the previous and got tougher and the battle harder and harder until she sought the Father in tears. Then He dropped it into her Spirit, “My Son Whom I have sent to die for you carried My Blood in His veins. 

He brought My Power in My Blood – My Son has My Blood – He brought My Blood – All of the Godhead is in My Son’s Blood.”

Immediately, there manifested an intense evil like never before, so she rebuked, “I give you Jesus – He is King of kings and Lord of lords…”

As she said this over and over “I give you Jesus…” it diminished and was cast into the bottomless pit never to return, in Jesus’ Name.

Mom had just turned her back when Beast sent more and more, so once again she rebuked, “Almighty God bind you and His Holy Son, Jesus Christ cast you into the bottomless pit never to return…”

This she said over and over and so it was DONE.

Hours later it again manifested with fury, so mom rebuked, “I give you All of Whom Jesus Is… All of Whom Jesus Really Is… come up against, destroy every bit of you… Every bit of Whom Jesus Really Is …cast all of you into the bottomless pit…”

After a while, it weakened and so it was DONE.

Oh, the demon attacks were coming every hour or every thirty minutes or more, and more frequently when mom raised her hands and prayed, “In the Name of Jesus, I cancel every assignment that it will not come every hour or so. In the Name of Jesus, every assignment from the Beast is canceled by the Blood of Jesus Christ, never to return, in Jesus’ Name.”

Reader, we thank the Lord that it was instantly DONE in Jesus’ Name.

Warfare continued day and night until I was shown in Spirit dream that mom and I accompanied by only a few people had left training camp and were on our way traveling in a bus.

We were on our way to school.