Stop Directed Energy Weapons! 5G Roll Out Coming!

1 Mar 2019
Source: Alfred Lambremont Webre channel (reposted with permission), please visit www.peaceinspace.ORG, or contact Alfred on this anit-5G issue at peace@peaceinspace.ORG. As a victim myself of directed energy weapons, and knowing many people personally who have suffered from this, I know it is very real, very terrible, and we have to stand up any way we can. Millions of people worldwide are having their lives and their health destroyed by these weapons as we speak (I am one of them), and the people behind it must be the most evil, murderous, unconscionable people you can imagine, and in mine and many other credible people’s opinion, not even human at the top (in opinion, they can be correctly called “devils”). What else do we call these creatures enacting this horror on our planet? and are we just going to roll over and take it? No, we should at least fight, and Alfred Lambremont Webre is taking up the charge with this Peace In Space imitative.