Susan Davis : Discernment is a gift from GOD.


Discernment is a gift from GOD.

There are several ways we need to pray for discernment by surrendering to the Will of GOD through the filling of the HOLY SPIRIT byway of the gift of JESUS CHRIST’s supreme sacrifice:

1) To discern between the lukewarm faith and the true faith
2) To discern between the traditions of men and intimacy with CHRIST
3) To discern evil spirits in operation
4) To discern between false prophets and true prophets
5) To discern between dreams/visions from Satan and from GOD
6) To discern the times we are living in versus living in denial of the times
7) To discern church teachings that are heresy and false versus true and righteous
8) To discern between acts of good that are outside the will of GOD and actually evil versus acts of true goodness within the will of GOD
9) To discern whether church doctrines are accurate or not.
10) To discern about Christians: whether of GOD or of Satan (lukewarm)