Susan Davis – I am very concerned for MOST Christians. Here’s why…


I am very concerned for MOST Christians. Here’s why…
These things will NOT get you to heaven:
-A vast understanding and study of Intelligent Design…
-Knowing all the lyrics of the current Christian Top 20 songs
-Wearing Christian T-shirts and having scriptures on everything you own
-Volunteering for every program at your local church
-Becoming fluent in Hebrew and Greek languages and knowing every detail of Jewish Culture
-Analyzing every conspiracy theory
-Constructing websites and Facebook pages for the purpose of bashing false prophets
-Sitting in front of the TV watching Christian movies
-Giving large sums of money to churches and other causes
All the “religiosity” in the world won’t get you on the “J-TRAIN”…
You’ve got to turn off the radio–turn off the TV–put down the scientific analysis of the complexity of GOD’s creation.
YOU’VE GOT TO KNOW GOD THROUGH A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. STOP IGNORING HIM–all your RELIGIOUS INTELLECTUALISM AND FOCUS ON RELIGIOUS PARAPHENELIA is not going to get you anywhere if you never spend time talking to GOD (some call this prayer). The enemy is SO CLEVER–he has duped the LUKEWARM CHURCH into believing they can make their way into heaven through their intellectual pursuits…obsession for religious knowledge…pursuit of religious materialism…and rote cold worship.
GOD is not impressed with anyone’s VAST UNDERSTANDING of the JEWISH culture or stagnant learning of the Bible–JUST ASK THE APOSTLE PAUL. But this is the keen deception of the enemy–if it looks “religious” it must be good… There’s just one problem–when you show up before the LORD with your Intellectualized UNDERSTANDING OF GOD–this will happen: Matthew 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from ME, ye that work iniquity.