Susan Davis’ Testimony About the Mark of the Beast (3 separate confirmations)


Susan’s Testimony About the Mark of the Beast (3 separate confirmations)

On recent occasions, I have spoken to two different groups of people in two different locations/venues about the coming of the Mark of the Beast and that the current RFID chip and the corresponding International bar coding system was the Mark of the Beast as mentioned in the Bible. The LORD has revealed to me over and over that the RFID chip/International bar coding system is the one and only mark antichrist system. The LORD recently confirmed this to me again.

Here is what happened. I spoke to my Bible study group that despite what people said this RFID system is the mark of the beast. As I was speaking to the Bible study group about how the LORD has revealed this to me over and over, one of the ladies in the Bible study had left the room and came back in with a stunned look on her face. After I finished telling the group about the truth of the RFID chip, the lady who came back into the room said she saw a large angel standing behind me looking down on me the whole time I was speaking to the group. She continued to describe the angel as very bright and she saw his face and it looked like a man’s face. That was the first encounter…

About two weeks later, I was speaking to a completely different group in Chicago and putting out the same message about the coming of the LORD and the RFID chip. And yet another person claimed (she did not know about the other encounter with the angel), she saw a large angel standing behind me as I spoke. She said this angel had a gold crown on and was sprinkling gold dust on my shoulder as I spoke to the people.

Now I just want to say that these people who reported seeing these two different angels did not know about each other’s sightings nor had they spoken to each other—and yet they reported almost identical accounts. I believe this is another clear sign to me that the RFID microchip is the mark of the beast.

Mark of the Beast…My Testimony (3rd one)

Several years ago, I had read someone’s account of the Mark of the Beast of Revelation (Ken Peter’s dream) that they had in a dream in the 70s. In their dream the LORD showed them the exact location on the body that the “chip” would be placed into the individual. He had created a diagram of what he saw and how it was placed in the hand between the webbing of the thumb and index finger (this has since come to pass). I was intrigued by this account because at that point in time, this information did not exist. After reading this account, the next morning I told my son, who was a fifth grader at the time (and at that time no one knew where the chips would be inserted in the body), the story and how the man described the location of the placement of the chip in the human hand. Next I was on the verge of showing my son the location on the hand and suddenly my son cried out in pain. He had shooting pain and he showed me the place he felt this pain–IT WAS EXACTLY WHERE THE MAN SAID THE CHIP WOULD BE PLACED IN THE HAND. My son said the sharp pain he felt was right in the web of his hand between the thumb and the index finger and he said the pain shot up his arm from that point. I was absolutely speechless because prior to this he had no idea what I was going to tell him. I was stunned by this event. I knew then just how serious this whole thing is. Today people say that the RFID chip is only a precursor to the actual “mark” but it’s not about whether its the first generation or second generation of this technology that qualifies it as the “mark” IT IS ABOUT THE TRADE-OFF OF TRUSTING A MAN-MADE SYSTEM OF PLAYING GOD VS. GOD AS THE CHOICE OF HUMANITY. ANYTHING YOU IMPLANT IN YOUR BODY AND CHOOSE HUMAN TECHNOLOGY OVER GOD IS GOING TO CONDEMN YOU. Revelation 14:11 (KJV): And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.