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Demon Gangs by Derek Prince 1/5

Demon Gangs

Demon Gangs by Derek Prince 1/5 Derek Prince teaches on “Demon Gangs” or the grouping of demons that effect a person’s life and thoughts.  Once one understands the groupings, then they can get rid of the rest of the “gang” that is causing trouble.  

From the Throne of Evil to the Kingdom of Christ

From the Throne of Evil to the Kingdom of Christ by Augusto Maquengo

I am the great-grand-son of the king of Congo (Kongo dya Ntotila from 1400– 1914). This kingdom covered the northern part of Angola, DRC, Congo and parts of Gabon upwards. Those who studied the history of African kingdoms know this very well. My parents are from one of the clans of this kingdom. The king of Congo made several covenants with Lucifer, represented in the form of the dragon and serpent. This was his power. He decreed that every king, prince or duke in the kingdom must have many wives, as was the tradition in every kingdom that existed in Africa during that period. Evidence of this practice can still be seen in Lesotho were the king possesses many wives. This kingdom later on split into two tribes (Tribe of Kinlaza and the tribe Kinpanzu) upon the instigation…

Book 10: Intense Warfare with Hell’s Best

That week, we could not sleep; as the warfare grew intense, I looked into the spirit realm. This hell-bound image came against us night after night. Until mom asked the Father, in the Name of Yahushua, to lock all evil that was present in a cell in Hell. “Never come back again in the Name […]