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Grace Schapendonk: Glimpses of Heaven 8 – Museum part 1

27 Feb 2020 Grace Schapendonk Hi everyone. This time the first part of a glimps in the Lord’s Heavenly ‘Museum’. To give you an earthly, understandable, explanatory name: “His-Royal-Museum-of-Natural-History-of-All-Creation.-From-the-Past,- the Present,- and-the-Future,-of-Heaven-and-Earth.” The Heavenly name is: “The Art & Facts of His Creation & His_story” (His Story, as in; Look what the Lord has done.) […]

Grace Schapendonk: Glimpses of Heaven – Animals

13 May 2020 Grace Schapendonk Glimpses of Heaven – ANIMALS IN HEAVEN. Hi my friends, I like to share with you a few more small glimpses of animals in Heaven, that the Lord Jesus showed me. Enjoy, and may you be blessed by the Lord while watching. Shalom. Grace of the Ark of Righteousness.  

Glimpses of Heaven 4- God’s Paint rooms

11 Aug 2019 Grace Schapendonk GOD’S PAINT ROOMS. Part 4 of our Glimpses of Heaven series. A short description of the Lord’s paint rooms that He revealed to me, so you would acquire a basic understanding of their functions. Only two rooms of many are mentioned. (I had only glimpses.) Shalom. Grace of the Ark […]

Glimpses of Heaven 2- Children, The Father’s clock

1 Mar 2019 Grace Schapendonk My real life glimpses in Heaven experience continues…. Please note: As I had some comments about the what the terms, ‘” adult and “teenage children” meant, I realised I did not clearly explain that in this video.. These were children that had passed on, who had disabilities as in mental […]