The Beast Rises – But I AM Your Breath Of Heaven!


15 Feb 2021
Prayer: Father, in Jesus name, by prayer & faith, I put on Your whole armor that I may stand against the wiles of the devil. I put on Your Helmet of Salvation…let the same mind be in me that is in Christ Jesus. I put on Your Breastplate of Righteousness…the Righteousness of Christ. I put on the Girdle of Truth…Jesus is the Way, the Truth & the Life (John 14:6), the Truth, Integrity & the Holiness of God. I put on Your Sandals of the Gospel of Peace…Help us to stand on the solid ground of Jesus. Above all, I put on your Shield of Faith to quench every fiery dart, arrow, spear & missile the enemy shoots our way…& Lord, I put on Your precious Sword of the Spirit, Your Holy Word that’s alive & powerful, sharper than any two edged sword (Heb. 4:12)…our offensive & defensive weapon.
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Praise Jesus King and Savior
Message received Feb. 10, 2021
Come away with Me My beloved. Come away to the secret place, and let Me speak to your heart and impart into your spirit. I have much love to give you, and if you would only trust Me with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength, I will carry you through this storm, and you will know more love than you have ever experienced. I am your Beloved, I am the One who knows you better than you know yourself and who laid down My life for you, so you could have eternal life.
I have placed within the heart of every soul I created, the desire to find truth and know the Oneness of who I am as Creator with My creation. For all who allow Me a dwelling place in their heart, I am all that a soul will ever need or desire in this life. The quest for one to know his/her purpose and the meaning of a soul’s existence will always find its answer in Me. A cry for wisdom will always be heard. A sincere desire for truth will allow My truth to present itself. Where My Spirit dwells, there is freedom. I am the answer to the heart’s cry for oneness, for true and perfect love, for peace, for joy, and for total fulfillment.
For you who are desperate and seeking, come to Me for the answers to all your questions. For you who are anxious and fearful, terrified and afraid, I have everything in hand. Nothing happens outside of Me or My will. I am Your Protecter, Your Shield, Your Refuge, Your Defense, Your Rock and Your Hiding Place. Give Me the opportunity to show you My heart.
All who are lonely, widowed, barren and despairing, all those who have suffered great loss and are heartbroken, I am Your Companion, Your Lover, Your Closet Friend, Your Comforter, the only One who can fill the void that is so painful and feels so empty. Turn to Me, and let Me love you and comfort you in your distress and sorrow.
Those of you who are angry, bitter, harbor hate and are resentful; those who are unforgiving and have rage towards others, lay down these things at My feet, praying for forgiveness and mercy, and it will be done. Vengeance is Mine says the Lord. I cannot forgive you, however, if you refuse to forgive others.
I am the Peacemaker, and I will take away all the hurt that has been done to you, if you would only allow Me to be your Healer and the Balm for your soul. I will mend and fill your heart and make it One with Mine. I will fill you to overflowing with My love. Release all to Me. You who have deep sorrow, grief and sadness, if you would only believe that I alone can relate to you and what I have allowed in your lifetime. No one has been more sorrowful than I have, as I have watched so many of My creation reject Me. I am the Man of Sorrows. Come to Me, and I will give you rest, and I will turn your mourning into joy. I will sit with you in the ashes, and then I will bring you out into My glorious light.
For you who have been deeply betrayed, especially by those who you have loved the most, ask Me to help you understand that I experienced the greatest betrayal. Yet, forgiveness has been offered to all by My Father, and forgiveness will make things once ugly and scarred in your heart into something moldable and pliable through which I will pour out My Spirit. Let Me do the work I began in you. Let Me complete it, so you can walk in the fullness of all I have purposed for you, before I bring you home to Me.
Those of you who are outcasts- invisible, rejected and discarded or orphaned, you are so close to My heart. I see everything. I know every detail of your lives and what has happened to you. I feel your pain, as it is My pain. But, do you not understand that I have chosen the meek to inherit the earth? I am near to the broken-hearted and those crushed in spirit. I will heal your wounds. I love you who are poor and destitute, and I hear your cries. I will defend you and encourage you. I will give you your daily bread, feed you My manna from Heaven. I will deliver you from the oppression of evil men. I will bring joy back into your life, and you will inherit My lands. I will bless you and prosper you, and what has been stolen from you will be restored. I will bestow honor on you and crown you with salvation, when you call on Me and believe in Me for your salvation.
All who are abused, tortured, beaten and oppressed, I will redeem your life because you are precious in My sight. I hate the wicked and the one who loves violence, and I will repay says the Lord. Put all your trust in Me, and I will deliver you from evil men.
You who are stalked, targeted, persecuted and tracked, I am watching everything. I understand how difficult it is to trust man. I tell you, I am the One recording and watching all things you are experiencing, and I am a Just Judge. I will bring all those before Me who seek your harm and destruction, and they will be without excuse. Wait on Me and My timing, but be assured of your deliverance from evil men and from the demonic web in which you have been ensnared. I will rescue you. All will be exposed at the proper timing, as I flood the world with My light. You must know I have not left you or forsaken you. I hear your screams and cries for help. You matter to Me, and I love you with all of My heart. You will understand very, very soon why things were this way. I ask for your trust and for you to stay faithful to Me. You will not be disappointed by My plan, once it is revealed to you. Stay strong dear ones. Have courage. You are almost home.
My faithful ones who have not feared or backed down from the scorn and ridicule of others, and have continually been mocked and scoffed at. I know every hateful thought, word and deed that has been done against you, because it is not you, but Me, that the unrighteous ones persecute, mock and scorn. It is My heart and My love, My truth and My Word which they reject. Remember this, they hated Me before they hated you. Blessed are you who are persecuted for My name’s sake and for My righteousness, as yours is the Kingdom of Heaven. Rejoice and be glad, because your reward in My Kingdom is great, and they have been persecuting My prophets and those who speak truth for all time.
Blessed are you who are sick and suffering from all sorts of diseases and disabilities, as when you pray to Me, I will use this for My glory until I will bring healing in My wings and restore you to perfection. Trust in My timing, I will not fail you. It is in your suffering that you will come to know deep intimacy with Me, the Suffering Servant. Come to Me for comfort while you are hurting and weak, and I will give you strength for the battle. And truly I tell you, the battle is already won, and I am coming so very soon. Your wait is almost over, so rejoice in Me!
End of Part 1