The Long Anticipated Part 6 of “Covid-19 Conspiracy?” Series: Episode 4 of 4 | Dr Rashid A Buttar


Premiered on 3 May 2020
Click on this link to access the resources discussed in the video: Episode 4 of Part 6: Covid-19 Conspiracy? Empowering Yourself has been long-awaited. Due to the overall length, and the possibility of censorship (even though we are not using any language that should get us censored), this video has been divided into 4 parts. This video will be the most important so far, and each part will build upon the previous parts, culminating in all the details which will result in an understanding and awareness of what the real issues are, how to deal with those issues and most importantly empower you with the knowledge that liberates your mind from fear and replaces it with awareness and understanding. And with that awareness and understanding, comes autonomy and power.
Please tell all your friends and family to watch Episodes 1 – 4 of “Part 6: Covid-19 Conspiracy? Empowering Yourself”.