† We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You because, by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world.

Exhaustion takes its toll on Me, as I can barely walk.

My feet are bleeding because the stones along the way cut into My feet… I fall for the third time.

Three times I have fallen along the way.

The first is to show sinners who are use to sinning that they can convert and have the strength even though they have fallen into sin.

My second fall is for those souls who fail because they are frail or those souls who are blinded by sadness and restlessness that they can get up and embark with courage upon the path of virtue.

My third fall is for those souls who depart from sin at the hour of death.

My children, call Me by My Name, for Jesus means everything.

I will wash your feet, those feet that have embarked on a slippery path that leads to injury to their feet by blows against the rocks.

I will wipe away your tears, I will cure you, and I will kiss you.

With this, you will remain healthy and know no other path but the one that leads to Me.

Soul that belongs to Me, do not pay attention to our cruel enemy.

As soon as you feel the movement of grace at the beginning of the battle, come to My Heart.

Feel and watch how My Heart spills a drop of My Blood over your soul, and you will come to Me.

You will know where I am: under the veil of faith…

Lift off this veil and, with complete confidence, tell Me all your sorrows, all your miseries, and all your falls…

Listen to My words with respect and do not fear for the past.

My Heart has submerged itself in the endless depths of My Mercy and My Love.

† Jesus, most obedient, meek and humble of heart, have mercy on us.