The Python & its Cohorts, Prayer to Bind and Cast it out


“Lord Jesus forgive me for the sin I committed that opened the doors to Satan, this python spirit and it’s cohorts. I break all soul ties with the person I may have picked this up from. I stand separate and apart from them Satan!

In Jesus Name according to math 18:18……Satan, I take Authority over you this day and bind and cast out this python spirit and your demons of witchcraft, divination, heaviness, weariness, fatigue, frustration, confusion, depression and oppression, the seducing spirit, the beguiling spirits, jezebel spirit and the spirits of controlling, dominating and manipulation that have been plaguing me (or…….plaguing our church!) I command them all to go now in Jesus name! Get out you python spirit and all… of your cohorts! Get out of here now! Come out in Jesus name, every single one of you….get out!!!Come out now in Jesus name!!! Get out of here!!!  Come up and out! Get out!!!!!!! Untwist you filthy snake from my mind, my body, my soul and my spirit! (Or from your church!)

I put the Blood of Jesus at the root at which these all came in! I close those doors now, seal them with the Blood of Jesus, send them to Jesus Christ of Nazareth for judgment and forbid them to come back on me in any way shape or form, or to touch anyone else on the way! Go immediately….directly to Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is Lord and Babylon is fallen! You are defeated Satan… get out!!!!

I loose the Holy Spirit now upon me to the max to purify and cleanse my body, soul, mind and spirit, conscience and sub-conscience! Lord, please go into my memory bank of my brain and erase any damage there, any confusion in the chambers of my mind, so I will never again be bothered by these spirits of the python! Go into the memory bank of my heart and erase the emotional trauma that is there. Go into the memory bank in my gut where I experienced pain and hurt from these spirits, from the people who have done emotional damage against me and erase it Lord with your Holy Spirit! Place your healing Balm of Gilead in all of my memory points Lord! Forgive me if I have been using this python spirit to manipulate and control anyone else.

Thank you Jesus thank you! I loose now Your healing Power Lord Jesus, healing and freedom now from these spirits that have held me captive! Yeshua, I ask You now to send forth Your warring angels on my behalf to do warfare for me and defeat the enemy and his cohorts! Thank you Yeshua, thank you! Thank you Abba Father!

Satan you are defeated in the Mighty Name of Jesus! I put you and these spirits under my feet! I block all these spirits now with the Blood of Jesus! Be gone now and never again return unto me! Thank you Jesus thank you! Amen and Amen!

By Grace Elizabeth Joy Anderson