Some Things Are More Important Than Being Right

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Still Small Voice / Clare du Bois

Published on Dec 31, 2016

I see you as a little four year old before the throne of My Father, crying out for justice and truth. And yet the satisfaction of knowing is denied you. Why am I allowing this? Indeed because it is a suffering, and I am longing to see that it is handled in charity and humility. This is what is called for here My Bride, charity and humility. Think nothing bad or evil about your brother, that is what the law of love commands.

I would rather you be ignorant and innocent than learned and corrupt. Yours is the way of a little child…taking My hand and loving all no matter how sinister they seem to you. These accusations come from the evil ones and are an entrapment to fall into judgment and condemnation. When you abstain from this, you do well. When you continue to bless even though your conclusions are that evil abides there, you do very well indeed.

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