Those Three days


Praise Jesus King and Savior

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Zechariah 9:11King James Version (KJV)

Yes daughter, it is I the Crucified One.
As I choose to do so often, I wish to talk about My blood and what was done that day, and during those three days that I descended into the depths of the earth.
Much was done that day. I want all of those who are in Me and in My Father, One in heart and One spirit, to have a deeper understanding of what that day really meant for their lives and for all mankind for all time.
My blood was spilled, poured out over the mercy seat, and when I rose from the tomb that day, I accomplished all that had been spoken, bringing all to pass.
For because I AM the Word, everything that had been given to Me of My Father and what I had spoken, had now become reality.
But it goes so much deeper than this children. My sacrifice became the eternal reality, it became eternal life for all who would choose Me.
It became the reality for those who had been born years and years prior to My coming physically to this earth. But it then became the reality for every soul that would ever be born.
Sin and death were conquered that day, for all time.
I presented Myself to the deepest and darkest corners after I rose.
I went to set the captives free, those who had believed on Me and My coming before they ever knew Me.
I presented Myself to the fallen ones, those that in their pride and in their rebellion thought they could be gods above My Father.
I met them face to face so they would be without excuse with the knowledge of what had been done.
For you see, in Me there is no darkness. I AM the Light of the world and they saw this.
Even though they have never accepted Me as the Light, they saw Me as the Light, they knew at that moment that all was coming to pass as My Father had spoken it and had designed it from the very beginning.
I AM the only One who has ever risen from the dead. This cannot be disputed. Neither can the evil ones dispute this.
Much was accomplished during those three days before I ascended to My Father.
So I wish that this would help to give you a clearer understanding of the intensity and the magnitude of that time.
Now My friends, My sons and My daughters, take this knowledge and this understanding and come to Me.
Ask Me for more revelation because I would have you apply this now-today and for all that is coming your way.
You too, now walk amidst much darkness in this world, but what have I just told you?
I AM the Light of the world, and those who are in Me are in My Father and the darkness cannot come near you; for you are My over-comers.
And so remember what has already been done, the victory is already won.
I have done the work for you, it is in My word, it is accomplished.
I tell you this so that you would not fear for you have nothing to be afraid of.
Although the enemy lurks in the shadows and is all around you and would do anything to destroy you, My people, he will fail, because he has already failed.
Do you understand?
I have accomplished all My Father sent Me to do. It is finished. Walk in this.
As I took authority that day and let all of creation know who I was in My Father and all that had been done, you too, now, walk in My authority and must move and act and speak in this authority for this is who you are.
The Great I AM is who dwells within you.
Be not afraid, I have so much to show you.
And I wish that you would finish this race strong, so do not hesitate.
You are almost there children, you are almost there.
For the culmination of all things is upon you.
We have the victory and the hordes of hell will not prevail against Us.
Join Me now, One heart and One spirit as We cross the finish line, as you come home to the purest love you’ve ever known.
I reach out to you, take My hand, come home.
from my sister Julie Whedbee Behold I Come