Time – Message 382 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin
Published on Jan 2, 2017

Time Message 382
I had two dreams last night. In the first dream I was on the west coast, in a two horse drawn open cart, it was like the ones they use in trotting races, except that I had two horses, and was as if it were made back at least in the 1800’s era.
I was traveling south next to the ocean, it was right next to me on my right, and very calm, it was a beautiful day. The road I was on at first was a very smooth dirt road, just wide enough for the cart, and then the road curved slightly to the east, and changed into asphalt for a shot length and wound back south and straight.

Then the ocean turned very ruff, the road was straight and made of wood in front of me was almost as if it were a bridge, at first I heard don’t cross, but it did not sound right to me and I kept going without hesitation.

I put my legs out and with my feet I was able to hug the edges of the road, I did this to keep us straight. The waves were so strong splashing over us that neither the horses nor I could see, but I held on tight to the reins, and made the horses run as fast as they could, while I praised God as we went through the waves coming over us.

We got over fine and when I got across I saw the ocean here was as clam as it was before the wooden road. The place I got to was a check point like the kind they have in dog sled races, where you stop to rest before the next leg of the race.

My horses and cart were taken to be attended to and I was saw there were hotels, restaurants, and other nice places that I could rest, or do whatever I wanted to do.

I am not sure what position I had come in, but I did know that there were others coming in as fast as they could too.
I woke up, and the next dream was that time had been stopped. I was at a hotel, I was given a baby boy to chance. I laid him on the bed to change him and was sitting next to him.

I then realized that a lot of time had gone by but no one had noticed. I asked the grandfather that had asked me to change the boy to please get a diaper to change the baby and he said that I had been there waiting for a week.

In my mind I thought seven days, after he had said it and I wondered why the baby’s parents had not noticed that the baby had been gone so long and had not come looking for him.

Then the news came on and a female reporter said that time had stopped for what they thought was for four days. They had video of an older married couple sleeping in a hotel room and said that the couple had not moved but that the room had somehow been cleaned one day before time had restarted and that it was this video feed that made them aware that time had stopped.

My Children, come in to Me as fast as you can, as it is the time to call you all in.

Do not be stopped by your own understanding or let others, or the enemy stop you from running your race.

This is the time of My outpouring of The Holy Spirit and anointing in this phase, and is almost over, as there is very little time left. Soon the darkness will fall and time will stop for the world.

My Children, when I take those that I will take first, I will stop time as I will not leave My Children to the whim of the enemy.

Soon very soon this will happen and you need to focus on Me now more than ever. Let Me bring you into My truth and understanding.

There is much being revealed right now, some are receiving it well but not all. Do not worry about the thoughts of man as these should not be your thoughts.

You should now be working in My truth and understanding as I am pouring over you now at this very moment. Yes, My Chosen ones you were chosen and sealed before you were born, but now My loves you need to stay in Me and not look away, as this may cause you to not come in as I have called you to do.

Do not be one that stops short, come in to the check point, as it is I your God that is calling you.

I am releasing My understanding on you now, and if you do have questions do not go back to your understanding or others of scripture, as it is time for your change.

It is time to have all of My truth and understanding, so come to Me and let Me lead your path.

Soon very soon all that do make it through will have all answered and will be brought to completion for the next phase.

So My Loves, stay strong in Me, and do not let the worries of the world or complete understanding stop you from receiving all that I have for you.

There is nothing to fear, as I Am In Charge, just stay in Me now.


Stay in the Lord, He has us and will lead us through. Do not be afraid of anything He is revealing to you even if it goes against what you had thought.

He will take care of us all and our families, friends all of those we love and pray for. God bless us all as we wait and know it will not be long before He calls.