Try Every spirit and its Manifestation…

We are in the Last Day and the spirit of the Antichrist is Fully in Operation seeking for whom to Deceive, that is why you must through the Help of the Holy Spirit Try Every spirit and its Manifestation.

God can never be Blamed if you allow yourself to be Misled by any Demonic minister because all the information you need to know and escape their Deceit is in your Holy Bible, if you have time to read, and above His Holy Spirit has been given.

That they Speak in Tongues and See Visions is never a Proof that is of God, Demons and their messengers do speak in tongues and perform Miracles as well, so don’t be carried away.

Those who are Lovers of miracles, looking for where it’s happening will Always End up in Error or Falsehood , Christ has Never told us to Seek for miracle but His kingdom first and when you have the Genuine Holy Spirit He is more than any Miracle.

Countless False Prophets are Fully out working for Antichrist in order to draw Souls to Hell Fire and I tell you that they are making great progress because many have Rejected the Only Truth that should save their Soul.

Jesus said this is the Condemnation that the Light have come to the world but the people Still Prefer Darkness because their Works are Evil.

Let me ask you Why are you going to that Church. Is it because they are telling you what you like to Hear or they are telling you Bitter Sweet Truth that Saves the Soul ?