Understanding the role of Torah Part 2 – Amanda Buys


Published on 8 Nov 2016

The following is an extract from the latest course ACTS (Advanced Counsellors Training School). For the complete course – there are 23 DVDs and 3 manuals, which can be purchased from our office, please contact our office: http://www.kanaanministries.org/contact/ or order from our eShop: http://kanaanministries-eshop.org/


For SO MANY years, we’ve looked at Jesus through GRECO-ROMAN eyes, forgetting He WAS, and IS, a JEW – Who’s Name is originally Y’SHUA – and Who grew up in and taught within a HEBRAIC/Middle-Eastern CULTURE/MINDSET/CONTEXT. Studying Y’shua and the Scriptures WITHOUT understanding the HEBRAIC culture/mindset/CONTEXT … means we MISS OUT on SO MUCH and can be deceived!!

The REAL picture we must see is … Y’SHUA, the SON of GOD:

* A JEWISH teacher – teaching from the ONLY Scriptures at the time … the TANAKH (Old Testament),

* To twelve JEWISH men and (predominantly) the people of JUDAH,

* About the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and HIS Commandments/Ways/Promises.

YHVH is the BEST FATHER!! And when we properly understand what His Torah is … we begin to see the LOVE encompassed in His Instructions — how He is teaching us His Boundaries, that we will be safe, protected, and BLESSED in every way!!

ALL THIS makes understanding the Torah and walking in GOD’s WAYS SO IMPORTANT – for EVERYONE … but especially COUNSELLORS and LEADERS – to be BETTER EQUIPPED and GROUNDED in GOD’s WORD. Walking in GOD’s Ways, we are also a LIGHT to those around us!!

Topics include:

– Torah is the Foundation

– The Parallel between Israel and the Bride

– Addressing Misunderstandings

– Torah and Faith

– Torah and Grace

– Torah and Forgiveness

– Torah, Blessings and Curses

– Paul and the Torah

– Torah and Relationships

– Torah is our Blessing and Protection