US Placebo

US Placebo

by Howard Pittman

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What I am about to tell you is the whole truth, I know because it happened to me. It is so amazing that some people find it difficult to believe. In no way am I going to try to convince you because that is not my job. My job is to tell you. If you are one for whom this message is intended, you will know of its authenticity by the testimony of the Holy Spirit to your spirit.

The only other statement that I would like to make in support of my claim that this message is from God to you through me is this fact: When God assigned me this task, He told me to go by faith and that He, God, would open all the doors. This command to go tell was received by me on May 7, 1980, and in just ten short months, by stepping out on faith, God used me to take this message into all fifty states and over twenty foreign nations. This, in itself, would not be so incredible if it were not for the fact that I had absolutely no means with which to finance this message. On May 7, 1980, when God said go, I left my employment and stepped out on faith with nothing but my unshakeable belief in God and that He was able to keep His Word. I started my long journey that would take me and this message into all nations in three years. In light of this fact, no matter what you think of the message or me, you must admit that in order for it to reach all the fifty states and twenty foreign nations in so short a period of time as ten months, God had to do it. I could not.

Before I tell you about the miracle, I must tell you about a small part of my personal history. I need to do this only because you will need to know this information to better understand the miracle. You will have to understand my spiritual condition and physical condition to understand the great miracle that God performed in my life.

I was born November 24, 1928, the seventh living child of a family of eight children. I was raised in a Christian home. My father was a deacon in the church for over fifty years and at twelve years of age, I made a public profession of faith and joined the church. At age twenty-two I surrendered to preach and entered college in preparation for that ministry. After a two-year struggle I gave up college and made my way to the city of New Orleans where I entered the law-enforcement profession. Here I began a career that lasted over twenty-five years. During this career I practiced my Christian faith as I believed it. I was also able to continue my education even to the point of attending seminary. At one time, while serving full-time as a police officer and a seminary student, I pastored a church.