Explain to your kids what is going on in the world and why we need Jesus. Your kids may be five or much older-you can still explain to them in an age appropriate way. Read the Bible with them. You can do it twice a day in the morning and at bedtime. Pray with them every day. Pray with your spouse or your parents or roommate or whoever you live with.

People’s hearts ♥️ are more open right now to Jesus. There is a window of time and the time is right now to pursue Jesus with those around you..

You can get out your Christian videos and watch them again. One of ours we have watched four times because it is so compelling. If your kids complain tell them God will probably show them something they didn’t see before if they watch again-discuss afterwards what they learned from the video….I made up a game called Bible charades. You can write different scenarios from the Bible on pieces of paper and fold them and put them in a basket and each person can pull one out and then act them out while the others try to guess what it is….

Memorize scripture…..

Pick up the phone and call elderly people or aunts and uncle’s and grandparents. Pray with them over the phone and encourage them spiritually. If they don’t know the Lord or have gotten lukewarm ask if you can pray with them to invite Jesus into their life and be filled with the Holy Spirit. They can do it again even if they did it prior if they desire….

Pray for your neighbors. Pick up the phone and call them or text them and see if they need anything that you might be able to leave out for them….Enjoy nature and God’s creation just watching for birds or squirrels through the windows and thank Him….

Talk to Jesus as you go throughout your day. Your kids (or you) can make cards for people ahead of time for needs that will be upcoming-have them write out a verse on them….They can paint rocks and hide them in the house and hunt for them….. they can draw pictures or paint pictures and you can have an art wall maybe in the hall where you display their original artwork…..

If you have a sidewalk on your property close to the house (away from people) they can get chalk and draw or write Bible verses or play hopscotch-teach them….Put on some Christian music 🎶 or just sing and have a family dance time to dance for and praise Jesus. Tell them you are dancing for Jesus as David did….

Don’t just let your kids play video games or sit them in front of a TV to watch mindless shows all day. Have the older ones read books to the younger ones….have them clean out their drawers to give away extra items later to needy….Have a list of math facts and have your kids call out the answer to a math problem they do in their head and see who can do it the fastest….have them write out their multiplication and addition and subtraction tables on paper…..

There are also educational apps and sites to help with homeschooling. Enrich your family and help them move closer to Jesus during this time. Have them do jumping jacks or push-ups or sit ups or run in place even indoors to keep them strong and get rid of excess energy…..And if Mom or Dad needs a nap or alone time work that in when you can -especially carve out time early in the day to read the Bible and pray. Share your ideas here too for others.
Donna McDonald 3/25/20

Prob. 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it