Augusto Perez: Visions of The End Times


Published on 9 Jun 2016

Stan Johnson interviews Augusto Perez about his visions from the Lord to this generation. Air date: 2012-07-20.
Pastor Augusto Perez has been having dreams and vision of end times. He saw there was big earthquake in Chicago and the water in Lake Michigan has been …
This is a great interview with Augusto Perez who shares with us his Visions and information with respect to the time-frame we’re in and the events to come.
Audio from the DVD “The End of Times”. Topics: • The Great Shaking • The Vision of the Three Stars • The Coming Famine • The Glory Cloud • The Double …
Augusto Perez has had visions and dreams of end times. He has been warning to American not only physically ready but also spiritually ready.