by Amanda Buys



  • Background of Voodoo and Folk Voodoo
  • Prayers of Repentance/Renunciation

Voodoo – definition from Roger’s Thesaurus means:
To bewitch, charm, allure, attract, bedevil, beguile, captivate, capture, control, dazzle, draw, enchany, enrapture, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, hex, hypnotize, fascinate, magnetize, mesmerize, knock dead, knock out, send, slay, spell, spellbind, take, tickle, turn on, vamp, voodoo, wile, wow, conjure, disgust, irritate, offend, repel, turn off, levitate, play tricks, summon, curse, burden, bring calamity, jinx, abuse, anathematize, attack, ban, banish, cuss, confound, denunciate, excommunicate, penalize, condemn, condemn to hell, to damn, obsess, madden, infest plague, terrify, terrorize, weigh on, worry, bless.

It is an ancestral African Religion, claimed by some as the first and oldest.

It is Black magic, Satanism, Black Arts, Demon Worship, Diabolism, Magic, Mysticism, Necromancy, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Witchery, Wizardry, Bewitchment, Ala Kazam, Conjuration, Magic.

The word Voodoo has been translated as:

! the snake under whose auspices gather all who share the faith.
! The Force.
! The Mystery.

The root word is Void: meaning an empty, vacant place waiting to be filled by a spirit.

Voodoo, known also as:
! Vodou,
! Vudu,
! Vudun,
! Vaudun,
! Vaudoun,
! Vaudaux and
! Hoodoo

Named from the god Vodun,

Collectively termed: Carribbean Vodou.

It means gods or spirits in the African Fon-Ewe language.

It may have affected you, in particular, if you have:
! African,
! Spanish, or
! French ancestry.

However many people may be bound by Voodoo and be completely unaware of it through the ‘mixture’ that has entered the:
! Catholic Church
! New Age,
! Yoga,
! Magic,
! Folk Customs and rituals,
! Wicca,
! Freemasonry,
! night clubs,
! music,
! media,
! political regimes and
! tourism
! etc.

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