Word from the Lord January 3, 2017 – Diana Olivieri


Diana Olivieri
Published on Jan 3, 2017

Message given the Lord asked I speak forth today. Received this message while in praise and worship time with the Lord.

Word from the Lord January 3, 2017
Personal note: As I sing praise songs to you Lord, I find that David’s words are spot on.  He truly knew who you were Lord.  The Lord said, yes he did.  I replied, yes he did Father.  And so do you My child, He responded.  I just praise you Lord, I just praise you.  You are my King.  You are my Lord.  You are my love.  How can I tell you any other thing Lord?  How is it possible?  There is none other than you.
Let my praise go and enter into the heavens.  Let your heart hear them …loud and clear Father.  For my heart is strong for you this day…and it is my deepest desire that you hear my heart’s song for you.  You are so precious to me Lord.  So precious to me Father.
He came through immediately and said: Speak forth these words.
Let this day be your last on earth that will be filled with worldly things.  Let this day be one that is remaining with My guides of your life.  Let this day show others the way and keep My children along My path.  My loves hear me now…there is not much time left to endure the trials upon your life. 
Not much time left to choose the worlds ways or My love for you.  Not much time left for anything to be made known unto you.  For time is short and My hand will soon be upon your land. 
Watch for me, says the Lord.  Watch and see what I will do.  Great and miraculous things will be shown to all upon the earth.  My ways upon man and upon the land.  Two different structures of things but changing nonetheless. 
You are My pivotal person with the plan, My children.  Pivotal in the aspect that you will be the cog pin/lynch pin so to speak.  Falter not now in your ways and path to Me for upon the waves you will come.  Who can say these things but I?  Who can know the final plan?  My words have spoken things forth and I shall ensure it does so again. 
Reach for My hand My children.  Stay alert of the wiles of the enemy and know that I have all things in control.  All things are within My hand. 
My loves know that I will uphold you with My mighty right hand and will ensure that all protection is afforded to you. 
Again, I say, who can know these things but I?  Wander not aimlessly around doing nothing to promote My coming, to show that I am on My way. 
Falter not in the ways of old My children for they will be the highest pathway available.  They will be shown to you in the days to come.  Walk in them.  Store them up and know they will be fulfilled in the coming days. 
Who can make you aware of what I Am saying?  Only Who knows the end from the beginning.  The beginning from the end.  The front/start to the tail/ end.  Only I My loves.  Only I. 
Happenstance may occur… rest in that My children.  For it is I that created it for your desire.  For your pleasure. 
My ways upon you, upon man…will be seen/evident soon.  Watch and see that what I say is true My doves. Evident…evidence left at the scene of the crime. 
My Worldlies shall know the difference between My light and others.  It shall be evident. 
Watch for the fruit to reveal itself.  Upon the waves you shall go My loves… upon the waves. 
Get ready for the day is at hand.