Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe Book 5

Over the next few months, the warfare becomes overwhelmingly intense. Yolin and her mom suffer mercilessly under heavy demonic attacks, night after night and day after day, leaving them feeling exhausted and battle-weary.

There seems to be no end in sight to the cruel, foul evil that attacked them while they slept. Even the unearthing and removal of bags of witchcraft objects, that had been slyly buried on their property does not stop the evil onslaught. Then, led by the Holy Spirit, they dig in a certain portion of the property and uncover a charm of an armadillo – then they understood why they had been so very sick that month.

One night, Yolin’s mom is shown an indescribable darkness, so immense, so deep and so overwhelming that it can only be overcome by the Power of Almighty God. There is an immediate response from the Father to her appeal, the monstrous evil is vanquished and serenity fills the house.

For months on end, they undergo intense Spirit training. Learning had to be absorbed at a rapid pace while facing extreme and persistent demonic onslaught.

During the week of the 9th May 2012, the Holy Spirit impresses on Yolin to continue her reading of the Book of Revelations. That night, she hears the most awful, gushing, burning sounds which appear to emanate from deep within the earth. Suddenly, she finds herself transported into Hell where there is no sign of life – demonic or otherwise. All that can be seen for miles and miles in the infinite landscape is glowing, blazing, sizzling fires of brimstone, exuding unbearable heat.
Pondering the meaning of it all, a conviction floods her spirit – this part of Hell was meant for a future time – the time when the beast and the false prophet would be seized and overpowered and “hurled alive into the fiery lake that burns and blazes with brimstone.” [Revelation 19:20]

On the evening of the 17th June 2012, while she read the script, “8 Hours In Heaven” by Ricardo Cid, Yolin is taken into an open vision where she sees an unusually, long table exquisitely decorated and adorned. Immediately, her spirit knew that she was being shown the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”.
Suddenly, she sees many people seated at the table – each wore black robes and having the appearance of nuns. Why were these nuns here? Why were they alone seated at the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb?” Whilst deep in thought, she sees a dark mist rising. The darkness had no power over the table or the Marriage Supper of the Lamb but it covered the rows of nuns.
Four days later, the Scripture of Revelation 2: 2-5 comes to her.

Book 5 – Our God is Mighty to Save

She drifted off to sleep worshipping the Father, in Jesus’ Name. At five-thirty, while asleep, the Power of Almighty God poured over her. Within seconds, there was an outburst of evil. “Be still and know that I Am God.” Forces moved like a whirlwind over her. It was actually trying to rip her to pieces. […]

Book 5 – Huge Network of Witches cover the whole earth

We could not understand the mystery of the evil which still lingered. We were determined to uncover its source. Soon, we learned that the entire school was controlled by a head witch. Huge networks of lesser witches covered the whole world. They were monitoring us and pursued hot after us. My friend and I became […]

Book 5 – Intense Spirit Training

It is the 3rd June 2010; the warfare became overwhelmingly intense! Tokolorsies severely attacked every time we drifted off to sleep. Weary and exhausted, we awoke under heavy attacks, sick and bruised. “Can it get worse than this!” Mom uttered. She took every precaution but nothing helped. Then in a Spirit dream, she fought a […]

Book 5 – Great Violent Earthquake

A month later, I was shown in another Spirit vision upon my bed, that we were in a huge building having the appearance of a Shopping Mall. Unexpectedly, the whole earth began to shake. It was a great violent earthquake. I accompanied a crowd which ran out of the building onto an open field. My […]

Book 5 – Have To Learn at Rapid Pace

The following day, she opened her eyes from yet another Spirit dream in which she attended school. It was three in the morning when they entered the classroom. Upon the board in front appeared a screen from which mom wrote the heading in her book. Many little pictures of illustrations were demonstrated according to the […]

Book 5 – Satanists use TV to monitor Believers

We fell asleep, but during the wee hours of the morning, a surge of power came through the roof upon her. This evil was trying to penetrate her but what it could not know was that her spirit was pleading the Blood of Jesus. She had asked the Father, in Jesus’ Name, for the complete […]

Book 5 – Satan Disguised

The night before, I was once more in another intense situation in which a witchdoctor was in the process of forcing me to marry. I wondered as to how suddenly I was wearing a wedding dress but then I realized that she had used spells to accomplish it. I was placed amidst a large group […]

Book 5 – Be Careful What You Purchase

That month mom said to me, “Yolin, every time I enter the house a force of darkness pushes me halfway through the floor. Why? Why? Why?” During the same month, I had purchased bedding from a huge well known shop. I had it on my bed when mom said to me, “Yolin, there are burning […]

Book 5 – Three Loathsome Spirits

During the second week of July, I lay awake every night under heavy demonic attacks. Mom awoke from a Spirit dream which was shown to her three times, that evil, such as we had never experienced before, entered. It appeared that its strength seemed to be like steel bands. Although her spirit called, “Jesus……Jesus…. The […]

Book 5 – Extreme Onslaught

During the same month, I was shown in a Spirit dream, five Asians who were attending the same class. Their disturbed facial expressions led the teacher to suggest to one of them to “Rather go to church and pray!” “No!” came the reply. Then one of the four sitting behind me replied as to why […]