Laying The Foundation: Part 9 – Resurrection Of The Body | Derek Prince


2 Feb 2021
This is Derek Prince’s ninth sermon in his series ‘Laying the Foundation’, about the foundation of the Christian life and faith. Resurrection Of The Body.
0:00 Introduction & proclamation
01:47 What happens after death?
10:17 What happened when Jesus went to hades?
15:21 Since the resurrection, our souls have a different destiny
19:33 The resurrection of Jesus is the guarantee of our resurrection
26:32 What will our resurrected bodies be like?
37:24 Was Jesus death and resurrection predicted?
48:24 Eyewitnesses at the resurrection of Jesus
50:08 Paul didn’t take his salvation for granted.
01:00:18 Are you ready to meet the Lord?
01:08:11 Altar call
4168, recorded in New Zealand, December 1994