Dr. William Schnoebelen
27 Mar 2022

PART II – MYSTERIES of the BLOOD! JOIN Dr. Bill Schnoebelen, N.D., as he DIVES DEEP into Scripture bringing the Living Waters of RUACH HaKodesh’s TRANSFORMATIVE POWER into focus. ARMOUR UP and LEARN to cultivate the Power of YESHUA’S RESURRECTION BLOOD which FLOWS THROUGH THE VEINS OF ALL BELIEVERS in HIM!

Bill explains how through deepening your understanding of Yeshua and His Word through practical methods you can GROW enormously in your walk as a disciple of Messiah. He discusses how to be an Overcomer in the Believer’s constant struggle between the world of the flesh and the realm of the Spirit. LEARN how to become more and more like Yeshua right down to the cellular level!! THIS IS A BELIEVER’s SPIRITUAL WARFARE INTERNAL ARMOUR!

Finally, he reveals the little understood potential of our ACTUAL INHERITANCE of YESHUA’s Divine Blood in terms of spiritual warfare on a cosmic, world-wide scale through implementation of the precious promises in the Torah (Deuteronomy 11:24) and the Brit Hadeshah. STAND IN VICTORY AND ACTIVATE YOUR “spiritual lymph system” – increase dynamic power and victory in YOUR LIFE & CLAIM YOUR BIRTHRIGHT IN MESSIAH! TAKE HOLD OF THE MYSTERIES of the BLOOD!